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240 products

Beer Urine 7% Borinage | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Hainaut
L'Urine is a Double IPA with a clear, dark blond color. The nose clashes with a hoppy explosion.
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Beer Grosse Bertha 7% Brussels Beer Project | Hefeweizen
Belgique Blanche Bouteille Bruxelles

Grosse Bertha is halfway between a Hefeweisse and a triple because its 7% alcohol content is much higher than the usual 4-5%. 

The colour of the beer is yellow and misty with low carbonation and fine foam. 

On the nose, you can notice aromas of citrus, spices, yeast, coriander and wheat. The German yeast also gives it the aromas of banana and clove. 

On the mouth, you can taste bananas, fruits, spices, yeast and malt. The beer has a slightly bitter finish. 

Grosse Bertha was the winner of the 2014 prototype challenge. Brussels Beer Project proposed four wheat beers and 31% of Brussels beer lovers voted this beer to be the best. 

Grosse Bertha became a successful beer due to its low hoppiness but high alcohol level. Thus, it is loved by both amateurs and beer experts. 

What else is there to know about Grosse Bertha beer?

  • Where did the Grosse Bertha beer name come from?

The Grosse Bertha was a very large siege artillery used by the German army during the First World War. A German name was chosen because a German beer style, Hefeweizen, the recipe was used to make this beer. The name in German is Dicke Bertha.

  • What are the ingredients of Grosse Bertha beer?

Grosse Bertha beer contains barley and wheat malt, hops, yeast and, of course, water. 

  • What is a Hefeweizen beer? 

Hefe means yeast in German and Weizen means wheat. This name defines a style of ale where these two ingredients are typically used. Hefeweizen beers are generally easy to drink and refreshing beers. 

  • What is a Triple beer? 

A triple beer is a Belgian style beer with a very high content of alcohol. The term defines a strong pale ale. 


  • How to serve Grosse Bertha beer?

Serve Grosse Bertha by slowly pouring it into a tilted glass. This will give you a nice foam of head. The best serving temperature is 6 degrees celsius. 

  • How much bitterness does Grosse Bertha beer have?

According to the International Bitterness Unit, Grosse Bertha has an IBU of 20. For reference, lambic beers are generally with the lowest bitterness with an IBU up to 10. Indian Pale Ales usually have the highest IBU figures which are between 40-120. 

  • Is Grosse Bertha beer gluten free?

No. If you are interested in gluten-free beers, head to our catalogue and select the gluten-free filter. 

  • What are other beers by Brussels Beer Project brewery?

Grosse Bertha is the third beer by Brussels Beer Project brewery. The brewery’s other well-known beers are Delta IPA, Jungle Joy, Wunderlager, Pico Bello and Juice Junky, among many others. 

Grosse Bertha
Photo: Brussels Beer Project

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Beer Bmx Ipa 7.2% DrinkDrink | IPA
Belgique Bio Blonde Bouteille Bruxelles

BMX IPA is brewed with Pacific gem, Citra and Chinook hops.

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Beer Crime Passionnel 7.5% Korenaar | White IPA
Anvers Belgique Blonde Bouteille IPA

A wheaten IPA with a spicy/creamy aftertaste and lots of tropical fruit due to the hops used. Crime Passionnel is a real adventure for Weizen style lovers and IPA enthusiasts. A real wheat beer, made with 45% wheat malt and spicy German Sapphire hops.

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Beer Jambe De Bois 8% Senne | Triple
Belgique Bio Blonde Bouteille Bruxelles

Jambe-de-Bois is balanced but generously hopped Triple. It is a powerful and full-bodied beer and most likely the bitterest Triple beer in Belgium. 

When you pour Jambe de Bois into your beer glass, you’ll notice a beautiful blonde colour beer with golden reflections filling the glass. It has a creamy, firm, white head. 

On the nose, the hops aromas dominate but are accompanied by orange, citrus, grass and banana. You will also notice the aromas of fermentation and another fruity aroma that resembles a pear. The floral, honeyed sweetness of malts and spicy notes appear as well. 

The beer flavours are unique. In the mouth, you will experience a balance of bitterness and fruitiness. A ripe banana taste can be noticed. Malt is another dominant taste. The strong alcohol content gives it roundness and the absence of residual sugars makes the finish hoppy and bitter. 

De la Senne brewery is known for its quality beers and has created some true gems. Jambe-de-Bois is a unique triple and should not be missed when degustating Belgian beers. 


Story of Jambe-de-Bois name


The Senne Brewery gives tribute to the Belgian revolution and more specifically a Belgian soldier Jean-Joseph Charlier with this beer. Jean-Joseph fought in Napoleon’s army and lost his leg. His new wooden leg did not stop him. Later, in 1830, Jean-Joseph was a cannoneer during the Belgian Revolution against the Netherlands. 


What else can we know about Jambe-de-Bois beer?


What’s on the Jambe-de-Bois beer label? 

The beer label is related to the story of the beer name and is dedicated to the Belgian revolution. The illustration shows someone with a wooden leg sitting on a cannon. That would be Jean-Joseph Charlier! The label also used to state “No Dutchman was hurt in the making of this beer,” while now it reads Belgian Revolution Triple. 

jambe de bois label

Where is Jambe-de-Bois brewed?

De la Senne brewery is located in Brussels in the Molenbeek-Saint-Jean area. 


How to serve Jambe-de-Bois beer?


The best serving temperature is 8 degrees celsius. It is best to use a tulip-shaped glass that can get the hoppy aromas out. Pour the beer slowly into a glass so it can form a nice foamy head. 


What are the ingredients of Jambe-de-Bois beer?


The beer contains barley malt, sugar, hops, yeast and water. 


How bitter is Jambe-de-Bois beer? 


It is quite a bitter triple with an IBU of 49. Triple beers' IBU range is usually between 20-45. 


Is Jambe-de-Bois gluten free?


No, it is not gluten-free. But we do have a gluten-free beer collection in our catalogue.


What are some other beers by de la Senne brewery?


De la Senne is one of the best craft beer breweries in Brussels and has many other great beers to offer. You should also try their Zinnebir, Taras Boulba, Bruxellensis, Saison du Meyboom and Stouterik

jambe de bois
Photo: Brasserie de la Senne


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Beer Paix Dieu 10% Caulier | Triple
Belgique Blonde Bouteille en stock Hainaut

Strong blonde beer, very yeasty. We recommend it. It is a traditional triple beer that is smooth and full of character. 

Next time you look at the full moon, you’ll look at it differently. That is because Paix Dieu is brewed under the full moon every 28 days. The beer used to be brewed by the abbey of Paix Dieu, where the lunar calendar was very important. The brewery has kept this tradition to stay true to the abbey and the beer. 

Not only are the brewers following the lunar calendar tradition, but they are also using old-fashioned manufacturing methods. These methods are almost identical to the methods used by the abbey. Paix Dieu beer is also 100% natural and preserved from filtration or pasteurisation. 

The colour of Paix Dieu beer is golden and cloudy. The head of the beer is creamy, generous and consistent. The beer has a medium body and is low in carbonation. 

On the nose, you’ll notice complex aromas. It is a mix of fruity, spicy, vanilla, hops, malt, and yeast aromas.

On the palate, you’ll get hoppy and sweet flavours. Notes of fruits, coriander, spices and yeast are present. It develops a fine bitterness. 

Paix Dieu has become a very popular drink and one of the most popular beers in the brewery. It is not only a popular beer in Belgium but very popular among the neighbouring countries, especially France. In fact, 50% of the production goes to the neighbours.


Why is Paix Dieu beer special?

Besides being brewed under the full moon, Paix Dieu is also among one of the strongest Belgian beers. So just like the full moon effect, you might turn into a werewolf after drinking a few of these beers with a 10% alcohol level.

Moreover, because it is only brewed during the full moon, it limits its production. That only adds value to the beer. 


Where is Paix Dieu beer brewed?

Paix Dieu is brewed by brewery Caulier. It is their only beer brewed under the full moon. The brewery is located close to the French border, in Péruwelz, Belgium. 


What are the ingredients of Paix Dieu?

The ingredients are carefully selected from local producers. The recipes include hops, malt and sugar. The yeast used is grown by the Caulier brewery. The water used to make Paix Dieu beer is drawn from the brewery’s own well. 


How to serve Paix Dieu?

Paix Dieu beer has its designated beer glass. Just like the full moon, it is completely round. The beer glass is also cut at a certain angle so it can capture all the aromas of the beer. Moreover, it is handmade glass. That means that each one of the beer glasses is unique. You are lucky if you own one. 

Photo: Caulier Paix Dieu


Which food goes well next to Paix Dieu beer?

You can serve Paix Dieu beer next to hard cheese or a good steak. 

What are some similar beers to Paix Dieu?

If you like Paix Dieu, see the rest of the beers from our triple beer collection

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Beer Guldenberg 8% Ranke | Triple
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Hainaut

Triple hopped, in the long tradition of bitter beers from De Ranke.

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Beer Papegaei 8% Verstraete | Blonde
Belgique Bouteille Flandre Orientale

Brewed with whole hop flowers, the cereals reveal their charms.

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Beer Double Trouble Citra 8.5% Surréaliste | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Bruxelles Surrealiste

Double Trouble Citra is an extremely easy-drinking beer with mind-blowing bitterness from Citra and Cryo Citra hops.

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Beer Charbon 7% Korenaar | Fumée
Anvers Belgique Bouteille

A classic dry stout with 7% alcohol, brewed with smoked wheat malt and flavored with fresh vanilla.

Charbon is a contrasting beer: the roasted flavors combine with the smoky flavor of oak-smoked wheat malt to give the beer a healthy dose of spice. Charbon goes well with soft cheeses.

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Beer L'Esprit Triple'S 8% Lesse | Triple
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Namur
A typical Belgian Triple, a strong and very fresh blond beer.
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Beer Curieuse Neus 7% Stoemelings | Blonde
Belgique Bouteille Bruxelles

Bière Curieuse Neus offers a lower alcohol content than triples in general. It has a reddish color with banana and apricot aromas.

The beer has all the characteristics of a triple beer. The malty sides are present in the beer flavour, and you will get a nice bitter finish. The beer has a slightly cloudy appearance but a nice white foam on top. The carbonation is well balanced. You also get the aromas of cereals and spices. It is an easy to drink beer and thirst-quenching. 

Curieuse Neus is the first beer by En Stoemelings brewery. One of the brewers is an archaeologist, and another is an expert in coding. Thus, their beer came as a big surprise. The brewers started brewing secretly in a kitchen, but luckily time gave them a proper place and therefore gave us good beers!

The beer is coming from Brussels, and the brewery's slogan “Het is ça va” is a reflection of the bilingual city. 

What does the Curieuse Neus beer name mean? 

The beer name is related to the fact that they started brewing unofficially. The name Curieuse Neus means an indiscreet person in flemish. Thus, the brewers named their beer Curieuse Neus because when they started, they were selling their beers under the table.

Where is Curieuse Neus beer brewed?

The brewing started in a private kitchen and then moved near Chapelle station in Brussels, which was not the final location for En Stoemelings brewery. Now the Curieuse Neus beer is brewed near Tour & Taxis cultural place and nearby de la Senne and La Source breweries. 

What are the ingredients of Curieuse Neus beer?

Curieuse Neus contains gluten and is based on water, Vienna malt, hops and yeast. 

curieuse neus biere
Photo: En Stoemelings

What are other similar beers like Curieuse Neus?

If you like Curieuse Neus beer, try also Jambe de Bois, blonde beer by La Cambre or Gouden Carolus Triple by Het Anker brewery. See also the full collection of our blonde beers

How to serve Curieuse Neus beer? 

En Stoemelings brewery has its own pint shaped beer glasses. If you do not have the brewery's beer glasses, you can also use a tulip-shaped glass to enjoy this beer. It is best to serve this beer between 8 to 11 degrees celsius. 

What are some other beers by En Stoemelings brewery?

Now that they are all official, the brewery has produced quite a variety of beers. You can also try their Noirolles, Jawa, Papy van de Pils, Tanteke, Het Vete et Vogelpik


Curieuse Neus
Photo: En Stoemelings



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Beer Westmalle Trappist Tripel 9.5% Westmalle | Triple
Anvers Belgique Blonde Bouteille
Westmalle Tripel is a light, golden-yellow Trappist beer that undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle. It is a complex beer with a fruity aroma and a nice nuanced smell of hops. It is soft and creamy on the palate, with a bitter touch carried by the fruity aroma.
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Beer Anvers Triple 8% Koninck | Triple
Anvers Belgique Blonde Bouteille
Slightly sweet taste from the first sip, fresh and sparkling notes and spicy aromas with subtle hints of orange peel, coriander and full-bodied aftertaste.
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Beer Troubadour Magma 9% Musketeers | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Flandre Occidentale

Troubadour Magma is an amber-coloured IPA beer that is the flagship beer of the Musketeers brewery. The beer has the bitter characteristics of an American India Pale Ale that is softened with a fruity Belgian triple. The beer has a generous white head. This high fermentation beer is a beer full of character!

On the nose, you feel an explosion of fruity aromas due to dry hopping. You will also notice aromas of hops, malt, yeast and spices. 

The taste of Troubadour Magma is hops, malt, yeast, citrus, caramel and spices. It is a spicy, bitter beer that is slightly sweet. Troubadour Magma has a soft finish. 

The Musketeers brewery has been operating since 2000. The name troubadour comes from the troubadours who were storytellers and singers and passed along stories across countries. The brewers have named their beers to reference their local tradition. 

As young Belgian beer brewers, they also travel a lot. In America, the hoppy beers had taken off, which inspired the brewers of the Musketeers. In Belgium, bitter beers were not a trend yet, but there were a few on the market. As soon as Troubadour Magma entered the market, it became an instant hit. A dutch singer, Rob De Nijs, has sung that real beer lovers go for bitter. 

The Troubadour Magma is a beer ideal to enjoy on sunny days both in summer and winter.

Learn more about the beer and get the answers to the most common questions:

  • Where is Troubadour Magma brewed?

Before the Musketeers brewery had its own place, the beer was brewed on commission by De Proefbrouwerij in Lochristi. De Proefbrouwerij is specially built for the production of beer by third parties. So to say startups or new brewers who do not have their brewery yet. In 2019 the Troubadour Magma beer moved to the Musketeers' own brewery. The Brouwerij the Musketeers is located in Belgium between Antwerp and Gent, in Saint-Gilles-Waes. 

  • What foods and dishes are good to pair with Troubadour Magma beer?

The Troubadour Magma beer goes great with seafood like fish, mussels or shellfish. It is also good with poultry. Moreover, you can pair the beer with Asian cuisine, hard cheeses and salad. Surprisingly, it also goes well with dessert and patisserie. 

  • How to serve Troubadour Magma? 

Like most IPA beers, Troubadour Magma fits best in a tulip-shaped beer glass. This glass allows you to swirl the drink so that it can reveal all its aromas. It is best to serve the beer between 5 to 8 degrees celsius. 

  • How bitter is Troubadour Magma?

To speak about bitterness, we use the International Bitterness Units, the IBU. The IBU of Troubadour Magma is 45. This means that it falls slightly more on the bitter side, as generally speaking, most beers have an IBU between 15 to 80. 

  • When was Troubadour Magma beer launched? 

Troubadour Magma was not the brewery's first beer. The first beer they brewed was Troubadour Blonde in 2000. Troubadour Magma was launched in 2010 at the Zythos Beer Festival. It became an immediate success, and since 2011, at the end of every summer, the brewery has also launched a special edition of Troubadour Magma. 

  • What awards has Troubadour Magma won? 

Troubadour Magma is an awarded beer. It has won more awards than you can count on fingers on two hands. For several years, it has won awards at the Beer Awards Digitaal Festival. The beer also won awards at the Zythos Beer Festival, Helsinki Beer Festival, World Beer Awards and Brussels Beer Challenge. 

  • What other beers are similar to Troubadour Magma?

If you like Troubadour Magma, you might also like Juice Junky by the Brussels Beer Project brewery or Super 8 IPA by Haacht brewery. Don’t forget to also look at our full collection of IPA beers. 

  • Is Troubadour Magma gluten free?

No, Troubadour Magma does contain gluten. You can find gluten-free beers in our catalogue by selecting a gluten-free filter. 

  • What are other beers by the Musketeers brewery?

Some other beers by the Musketeers brewery are Troubadour Westkust, Troubadour Imperial, Jack’s Precious IPA and Antigoon Courageous. 

troubadour magma
Photo: Brouwerij Musketeers


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Beer Extase 8.5% Korenaar | IPA
Anvers Belgique Blonde Bouteille

Double IPA brewed with fourteen different hops A very intense but balanced character.

The mild sweetness of the alcohol and the sugars in the malt complete the bitterness of the beer. Ecstasy lives up to its name thanks to its extreme hops (over 100 IBU).

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Beer Wesh' Groseille 7% Beerstorming | Acide
Belgique Bouteille Bruxelles

A fruity, tangy, dry and bright red beer

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Beer Sans Pardon 11% Korenaar | Stout
Anvers Belgique Bouteille Noire

Sans Pardon offers coffee and chocolate flavors typical of Imperial Stouts but also a fruity flavor that comes from the use of Rooibos.

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Beer Enfant Terriple 8.2% Leite | Triple
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Flandre Orientale
Enfant Terriple is a blond beer with a subtle bitterness and a hint of citrus that is enveloped in a light taste of spicy malt.
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Beer Trappiste Rochefort 8 9.2% Rochefort | Brune
Belgique Bouteille Namur

Sweet and spicy brown.

Originally called the special, it is less spicy than its little sister the Rochefort 6 and tends more towards this café au lait side which is even more pronounced in its big sister the Rochefort 10.

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Beer Chimay Bleue 9% Chimay | Brune
Belgique Bouteille Hainaut supermarket

A strong dark Trappist beer, it is rather sweet and has chocolate notes.

It is brewed with orange peel which also gives it a slight fruity aftertaste.

It is the flagship of the Abbey, the recipe has remained unchanged since 1956 and was the first Christmas beer brewed by Trappist monks.

It can be kept for a long time, which will change its taste. This is also why the 75cl is called Grande Réserve.

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Beer Brusseleir 8% Senne | Black IPA
Belgique Bio Bouteille Bruxelles IPA Noire
Attention this product has a date of preference to consume before which is exceeded.
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Beer Gouden Carolus Tripel 9% Anker | Triple
Anvers Belgique Blonde Bouteille

Triple sweet.

The hopping here does not bring any bitterness and the malts can express themselves fully for a taste between bread and slightly fruity aromas.

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Beer Quintine 8% Legendes | Blonde
Belgique Bouteille Brasserie des Légendes Hainaut
La Quintine has a hazy blonde color. It is neither filtered, nor pasteurized, nor centrifuged after fermentation. It has the delicious fruity and flowery aromas of hops and is creamy.
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Beer Viven Master Ipa 7% Viven | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Flandre Orientale

English style IPA with three strong hops (Merkur, Nelson and Citra).

Ideal as an aperitif since the hops will whet your appetite.

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Beer Onyx Amburana 11% Atrium | Stout
Belgique Bouteille Luxembourg Noire

Imperial stout aged in Amburana barrels with orange zest and vanilla pods.

More aromatic than the classic version, it is also slightly less bitter but much spicier.

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Beer Bons Vœux 9.5% Dupont | Saison
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Hainaut

A softness that denotes with the other beers of the brewery following a longer maturation and raw hopping.

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Beer Babylone 7% Brussels Beer Project | Ambree
Ambrée Belgique Bouteille Bruxelles
Babylone is the famous bread beer from Beer Project with 25% of the malt replaced by unsold square bread from Delhayze.
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Beer Rochefort Triple Extra 8.1% Rochefort | Triple
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Namur
Sweet and full-bodied like the classic 6, 8 and 10 from Rochefort, the Triple Extra is distinguished by its golden blonde color, citrus notes and spicy fragrance. This subtle blend of tradition and know-how results in a refreshing beer that will delight the palate of beer lovers.
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Beer Chimay Cinq Cents White 8% Chimay | Triple
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Hainaut supermarket

Easy-drinking Triple Trappist.

Balanced between sweetness and bitterness, it was produced in 1966 for the 500th anniversary of the Principality of Chimay

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Beer Rebel Local 8% Verzet | Triple
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Flandre Orientale

Aromatic triple hoppy.

A rather floral taste reminiscent of Guldenberg, among other things.

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Beer Moinette Blond 8.5% Dupont | Blonde
Belgique Bouteille Hainaut
A blond Belgian beer with complex and harmonious tastes. One can find flavors of flowery hops and a dry bitterness and pronounced and pleasant aromas of hops.
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Beer Tournay Triple 9.2% Cazeau | Triple
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Hainaut

Rather hoppy, which gives it a herbaceous and spicy taste.

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Beer Noir De Dottignies 8.5% Ranke | Noire
Belgique Bouteille Hainaut

Noir de Dottignies is well balanced between malty flavors and Saaz and Challenger hopping.

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Beer La Trois Tilleuls 7% Bieres de Quartier | Saison
Bapbap Belgique Blonde Bouteille Bruxelles
A refreshing blond beer with a distinct touch of bitterness and lime blossom on the finish.
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Beer Gouden Carolus Classic 8.5% Anker | Blonde
Anvers Belgique Bouteille

Half brown, half Christmas beer, it has an unparalleled spicy taste.

Some even find it halfway between beer and mulled wine, but contrary to what one might think, it is not acidic but rather very sweet.

Abbey beer lovers, you absolutely have to taste this beer.

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Beer Bertinchamps Triple 8% Bertinchamps | Triple
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Namur
Sweet, slightly amber and cloudy. Sweet and refreshing, the beer also has a subtle bitter aftertaste with a hint of caramel.
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Beer Banjo Funeral 9% Verzet | Porter
Belgique Bouteille Flandre Orientale Noire
Delicious quadruple. Smokey and creamy. A dark, thick beer that goes down very well on cold winter evenings in front of the fireplace.
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Beer Oude Gueuze Tilquin À L'Ancienne 7% Tilquin | Gueuze
Acide Belgique Bouteille Brabant wallon

Gueuze refermented for 6 months, based on a blend of lambics.

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Beer La Houppe 7.5% Houppe | Blonde
Belgique Bouteille Brasserie Artisanale de Namur Namur
La Houppe is a blonde beer with copper highlights, balanced bitterness and some citrus notes. Its aromatic nose betrays the presence of a subtle blend of 3 varieties of hops.
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