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12 beers 36 €
You choose
  • Belgian, French or Brussels beers
  • A monthly sending frequency or every 2 months (via automatic payment only)
  • The date of dispatch of the first box (then at the beginning of the month)
  • If it's to offer, indicate your address for the delivery and that of the recipient in comment.
  • Free returns for beers you don't like
There are 2 payment options
  • Automatic payment by credit card
  • One-time payment
box of the month

box of the month

Box of the month for December

Discover new beers every month with the Beercrush beer subscription. You choose the Brussels, Belgian or French beers and the frequency of dispatch. If you don't like certain beers, don't worry, returns are free.

10 new subscribers this month

Arrived safely ! Excellent as usual!


6 months already that we are enjoying ourselves. Too good selection! Thank you #beercrush


I took a box in February to see if it pleased my companion. He was super happy and we made some good discoveries. So I subscribed to it for 3 months. 


I was offered the box of the month from Beer Crush and currently on the market, it's the best 



I am thirsty ! When is the first delivery?

No need to wait half of the month or the first of the following month. We send you the first box when you order and the following ones will be delivered to you at the beginning of the month.

I would like to pay in one go

With pleasure, select the "one time payment" option

It's my first time, what's in the box?

12 delicious belgian beers. It is possible to consult the latest compositions to get an idea.

Are the beers going on vacation with me?

If you leave for 6 months, we can arrange. Otherwise we simply put your subscription on hold for the duration of your vacation.

Otherwise, say nothing and it will please the person who comes to water the flowers.

I forgot to cancel, is it too late?

No stress, as long as the package has not left there is no problem, neither for you nor for us.
If the package has already left, we call it back. If he does not answer us, do not open the door for him so that he will be automatically sent back to us.
A priori all this will not happen because you will receive an automatic email to notify you of the next deadline.