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Beer Curieuse Neus 7%

Stoemelings | Blonde
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C'est bientôt la saison des calendriers de l'avent

Bière Curieuse Neus offers a lower alcohol content than triples in general. It has a reddish color with banana and apricot aromas.

The beer has all the characteristics of a triple beer. The malty sides are present in the beer flavour, and you will get a nice bitter finish. The beer has a slightly cloudy appearance but a nice white foam on top. The carbonation is well balanced. You also get the aromas of cereals and spices. It is an easy to drink beer and thirst-quenching. 

Curieuse Neus is the first beer by En Stoemelings brewery. One of the brewers is an archaeologist, and another is an expert in coding. Thus, their beer came as a big surprise. The brewers started brewing secretly in a kitchen, but luckily time gave them a proper place and therefore gave us good beers!

The beer is coming from Brussels, and the brewery's slogan “Het is ça va” is a reflection of the bilingual city. 

What does the Curieuse Neus beer name mean? 

The beer name is related to the fact that they started brewing unofficially. The name Curieuse Neus means an indiscreet person in flemish. Thus, the brewers named their beer Curieuse Neus because when they started, they were selling their beers under the table.

Where is Curieuse Neus beer brewed?

The brewing started in a private kitchen and then moved near Chapelle station in Brussels, which was not the final location for En Stoemelings brewery. Now the Curieuse Neus beer is brewed near Tour & Taxis cultural place and nearby de la Senne and La Source breweries. 

What are the ingredients of Curieuse Neus beer?

Curieuse Neus contains gluten and is based on water, Vienna malt, hops and yeast. 

curieuse neus biere
Photo: En Stoemelings

What are other similar beers like Curieuse Neus?

If you like Curieuse Neus beer, try also Jambe de Bois, blonde beer by La Cambre or Gouden Carolus Triple by Het Anker brewery. See also the full collection of our blonde beers

How to serve Curieuse Neus beer? 

En Stoemelings brewery has its own pint shaped beer glasses. If you do not have the brewery's beer glasses, you can also use a tulip-shaped glass to enjoy this beer. It is best to serve this beer between 8 to 11 degrees celsius. 

What are some other beers by En Stoemelings brewery?

Now that they are all official, the brewery has produced quite a variety of beers. You can also try their Noirolles, Jawa, Papy van de Pils, Tanteke, Het Vete et Vogelpik


Curieuse Neus
Photo: En Stoemelings



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