Are anti-waste beer boxes the solution to discover beers at a low price?

Do you know the anti-waste beer boxes?

They respond to a very specific problem encountered by wine merchants:

A beer cellar easily offers a hundred different references of craft beers.

Online, the beer catalog explodes with hundreds of references. Some online beer sites even exceed a thousand craft beer references.

Some beers are acclaimed by the general public and whole boxes are sold every week without the slightest effort.

Other references are more discreet and it happens that the dates of optimal consumption are fast approaching.

beer expiry date

Few people know about it, but the beers don't have an expiration date. Beer does not become undrinkable overnight. And there is no risk of getting sick from drinking an anti-waste beer whose date has passed.

This is why we speak of DLUO or optimal use-by date.

Basically this means that beyond this date, the taste or nutritional values of the product may vary from what is provided by the brewer.

The best thing is to check for yourself. Generally old beers tend to foam a little too much. This is why it is often advised to open them in a sink in the worst case (like a 10 year old stout)

The beer styles are also not equal in the face of aging. While ipa beers are advised to be drunk quickly, ideally within 3-6 months after bottling. The brown beers where the black beers can age without fear and their tastes evolve positively over the years.

You will more often find blond beers than dark in the anti-waste boxes.

The best known example is Orval which some enthusiasts do a tasting through the ages with a one-year-old, two-year-old orval, etc.

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