Advent Calendar 21/12 - Steenhuilke Beer

Each brewery has a fixed range of beer.

The traditional ones have the blonde, the brown and the Christmas beer.

Newcomers brew IPAs, triple, etc.

New breweries also organize a lot of collab beers with other breweries. An opportunity to meet colleagues and share knowledge and experiences over a limited edition beer.

Other breweries also create beers for clients, mainly bars or restaurants, or even charitable projects.

This is the case for our beer of the day, Steenuilke. It is brewed by the Flemish brewery De Ryck in honor of the little owl (steenuilke in Flemish). Proceeds from beer sales finance a project to restore a natural park in the Flemish Ardennes where the natural habitat of this type of owl is located.

The particularity of the beer is that it is brewed with 3 herbs that proliferate in the park, fragrant, angelica and blackthorn. They give this blonde beer a herbaceous, peppery aspect which makes this beer unique.

Ideally drunk by a fire after returning from a walk in the woods.



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