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Beer Delta Ipa 6.5% Brussels Beer Project | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Bruxelles

Delta IPA is a Belgian IPA because the brewers use a saison yeast, a typically Belgian style of beer. It is not a usual IPA with a little bit of spiciness and thirst-quenching bitterness.

The Brussels Beer Project brewery was founded in 2013, and Delta IPA was their first beer, also created in 2013. This was back when IPA beers were not so known in Belgium. The brewery is very involved with the community, and also you can see Delta IPA reflects Brussels. Brussels is a multicultural city, so the taste of Delta IPA is reflecting different brewing cultures. 

When you first pour Delta IPA into your glass, you notice a golden body with a mix of honey and orange colours. You’ll see very few bubbles but a big white head. 

On the nose, it gives aromas of pine, citrus and tropical fruits. But, it is not a surprise that hop aromas dominate over others. 
We find in the mouth notes of lychees and passion fruit brought by hops. You can also notice the flavours of oranges, limes, and bitter notes of hop. It has a fine aftertaste with a bitter finish. Despite the strong taste, it remains a good level of acidity. 

Want to know more about Delta IPA beer? See the most frequently asked questions and find your answers:

  • Where is the Brussels Beer Project brewery?

Brussels Beer Project, which brews Delta IPA beer, is located in the centre of Brussels. It is in an area called Dansaert that is close to the canal of Brussels. It is not far from the MIMA museum or the Saint Catherine church. Another well known Brussels brewery, the Surrealiste, is nearby. In their brewery, they also have a taproom and welcome anyone for beer degustation. 

Brussels Beer Project also has its bar, BBP Bailli, where they have thirty beers on tap, and you can have tasty pizzas next to the beer. The BBP Bailli is located in the Chatelain neighbourhood and close to the most known avenue of Brussels, Avenue Louise. The BBP Bailli is also one of the best beer bars in Brussels


  • What are the ingredients of Delta IPA beer?

The Delta IPA consists of barley malt, hops, and seasonal yeast. The malt is 100% Belgian. The hops used are Citra and Smaragd hops.

  • What other beers are similar to Delta IPA? 

Try also the Brussels Beer Projects dark IPA called Dark Sister. Otherwise, head to our IPA beer collection. There are plenty of choices!

  • What kind of food goes well next to Delta IPA beer?

If you are looking for beer and food pairing suggestions, then luckily, Delta IPA can go well with many dishes. It is good with pasta and pizzas, next to a barbecue or any vegetarian meal. Also, you can drink Delta IPA next to appetisers or light cheese platters. Even salads are good to pair with Delta IPA.

  • How to serve Delta IPA beer?

Delta IPA comes in a beer bottle but is also available in a can. Once you open the bottle or can, you should slowly pour it into your beer glass. The Brussels Beer Project brewery has its own beer glasses available. They come in three styles: Teku, Hazy or Conical. For Delta IPA, the Teku beer glass is best. The Teku beer glass, designed by an Italian, is perfect for beer tasting. The ideal temperature to serve Delta IPA is 8 degrees celsius. 

  • Does Delta IPA contain gluten?

Yes. If you are looking for a gluten-free beer, check the collection of brewery 28. They have many gluten-free beers available. 

  • How much bitterness is there in Delta IPA?

To measure bitterness, we use the International Bitterness Unit, the IBU. Delta IPA has an IBU of 45. For reference, most beers fall in a range between 15 to 80 IBU.


  • What are the other beers by the Brussels Beer Project? 

Since their first beer, Delta IPA, was so successful, Brussels Beer Project kept on creating amazing beers. You might also like Juice Junky, Grosse Bertha, Wunderlager or their alcohol-free beer, Pico Bello. 


delta IPA
Photo by Brussels Beer Project.

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Beer Belle-Fleur 6% Korenaar | IPA
Anvers Belgique Blonde Bouteille

Hoppy and thirst-quenching, with citrus and floral flavors. A bitter and aromatic beer for those looking for the rich aroma and taste of fresh hops.

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Beer Épervier 7% Source | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Bruxelles
A fruity and light IPA! Barbe Rouge hops give the beer its unique signature: notes of berries and citrus.
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Beer Bmx Ipa 7.2% DrinkDrink | IPA
Belgique Bio Blonde Bouteille Bruxelles

BMX IPA is brewed with Pacific gem, Citra and Chinook hops.

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Beer Urine 7% Borinage | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Hainaut
L'Urine is a Double IPA with a clear, dark blond color. The nose clashes with a hoppy explosion.
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Beer Xx Bitter 6% Ranke | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Hainaut

The XX Bitter is the first beer of the brewery De Ranke and was the second most bitter beer in Belgium when it was released just after the Orval.

A beer cannot get hoppier than this! The Ranke XX-bitter used to be the most bitter beer in Belgium and is the most bitter beer in the brewery. It might not be for all tastes, especially for novice beer drinkers, but once you develop your palate, you can’t get enough of it!

The beer has an orange, honey-coloured body. The XX-bitter has a slightly cloudy appearance, rich in carbonation and has a fine head. 

On the nose, you will naturally smell very hoppy aromas. The flowery hoppy aromas are strong and very dominant. 

The beer flavour follows the hoppy profile, and the hop flavours are very powerful. You can also note some flowery flavours of citrus fruits and grass followed by strong bitterness. Though the alcohol level is low, the flavours are very rich and long-lasting. The bitterness is well balanced. 


The story of XX-bitter beer

The XX-bitter was already brewed back in 1994 when a home brewer and the manager of a beer tasting club decided to test a batch that uses a lot of hops. They decided to bring the beer to a festival in Kortrijk in 1996. Bitter beers were not yet popular, and many other brewers did not have faith in their new product because it was too bitter. Luckily De Ranke brewers could prove everyone wrong. 

The XX Bitter is now considered a bitter beer trendsetter in Belgium. That is because when the beer came out, the IPA beers were not yet trendy in Belgium. Thus, the brewers did not even think about creating an IPA style beer. Some beer drinkers refer to it as a golden ale and others as India Pale Ale. The brewers themselves say that although the beer fits into the IPA category, they would call it a bitter pale ale because that’s the style they had in mind when they created the beer. 

The brewers are very strict with their brewing methods and do everything traditionally. They use whole hops in their beers, and they never filter or pasteurise their beers. The brewers use direct fire and add hot water to achieve target mashing temperatures. 

The hops used for brewing XX-bitter are two varieties of European hops. The Brewers Gold and Hallertau Mittelfrueh hop are both grown in Belgium. The former is used for bittering and the latter for aroma. Moreover, fresh hop flowers are used during the brewing process so they can develop their bittering potential. 

The brewers also used to use Rodenbach yeast until a big company bought it and did not allow working with small breweries. Now the beer recipe uses Fermentis dry yeast instead. Their brewing methods allow them also to create a very dry beer. 

The XX-bitter has made its name by being a trendsetter and one of the bitterest beers in Belgium. It is now extremely popular and is also the flagship beer of the brewery. The beer is not only appreciated in Belgium but also outside. For example, you can find XX-bitter also in the neighbouring countries, the USA and even Japan. 


Read on to learn more about the XX-bitter beer. 

Where does the XX-bitter beer name come from?

One of De Ranke's brewers liked the names of English beers that were called Bitter. Nevertheless, these beers often did not taste bitter. So the brewer decided to call their beer Bitter, which actually is a bitter beer. 

How bitter is the XX-bitter?

The beer reaches an IBU of 65. Back then, one of the bitterest beers was Orval, with an IBU of 45. Generally, IPA beers fall between IBU of 40-70. Thus, we can see that the XX-bitter stays in the higher bitterness range. 

How to serve XX-bitter beer?

The best way to serve this bitter delight is using a tulip-shaped beer glass. Also, the minimum serving temperature is 6 degrees celsius. 

What are other similar beers and alternatives to XX-bitter?

If you enjoyed XX-bitter, try also the Delta IPA by Brussels Beer Project, Brussels Calling by de la Senne brewery or Troubadour Magma by Musketeers brewery. Don’t forget to check out our full collection of IPA beers to find good hoppy tastes. 

Which foods go well with XX-bitter beer?

XX-bitter beer is good to pair with fish, meat dishes and mature cheeses. It is also a good companion during a barbecue. You can also balance the bitterness by enjoying sweet desserts next to the beer. 

What are some other beers by De Ranke brewery?

If you like De Ranke brewery style, try out their Guldenberg, Franc Belge, Amer-Amer and XXX-bitter beer


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Beer Brussels Calling 6.5% Senne | IPA
Belgique Bio Blonde Bouteille Bruxelles
Brussels Calling is a very balanced "Belgian IPA". The bouquet is intensely exotic and floral. These flavors carry over into the taste, paired with a nice malt base. At the end, the fruity character merges with a long and dry bitterness.
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Beer Double Trouble Citra 8.5% Surréaliste | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Bruxelles Surrealiste

Double Trouble Citra is an extremely easy-drinking beer with mind-blowing bitterness from Citra and Cryo Citra hops.

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Beer Amer-Amer 6% Ranke | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Hainaut

Nice balance between flavors and aggressive bitterness thanks to the use of whole hops.

In the case of Amer-Amer, American hops are used, but these were grown in Belgium like all the hops used by De Ranke.

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Energibajer 0% Mikkeller | IPA
Blonde Bouteille Danemark Edition Limitée Sans Alcool
Enrgiebajer is one of the most appreciated alcool free beer in the Europe. It's not like most alcool free beer, you just don't realise there is no alcool in it.
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Beer Avalanche 6.8% Atrium | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Luxembourg
Dark red beer with ample fruity notes such as passion fruit and mango. A delicate bitterness perfectly balanced by some malty notes.
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Beer Juice Junkie 5.4% Brussels Beer Project | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bruxelles Canette

Very balanced bouquet of hops with very present tropical aromas but without falling into hopburn.

Easy to drink in all circumstances, but ideal on a sunny terrace.

The Juice Junkie is one of the best beers made at the rue Dansaert brewery in Brussels.

Product with expired "best before" date.

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Beer Troubadour Magma 9% Musketeers | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Flandre Occidentale

Troubadour Magma is an amber-coloured IPA beer that is the flagship beer of the Musketeers brewery. The beer has the bitter characteristics of an American India Pale Ale that is softened with a fruity Belgian triple. The beer has a generous white head. This high fermentation beer is a beer full of character!

On the nose, you feel an explosion of fruity aromas due to dry hopping. You will also notice aromas of hops, malt, yeast and spices. 

The taste of Troubadour Magma is hops, malt, yeast, citrus, caramel and spices. It is a spicy, bitter beer that is slightly sweet. Troubadour Magma has a soft finish. 

The Musketeers brewery has been operating since 2000. The name troubadour comes from the troubadours who were storytellers and singers and passed along stories across countries. The brewers have named their beers to reference their local tradition. 

As young Belgian beer brewers, they also travel a lot. In America, the hoppy beers had taken off, which inspired the brewers of the Musketeers. In Belgium, bitter beers were not a trend yet, but there were a few on the market. As soon as Troubadour Magma entered the market, it became an instant hit. A dutch singer, Rob De Nijs, has sung that real beer lovers go for bitter. 

The Troubadour Magma is a beer ideal to enjoy on sunny days both in summer and winter.

Learn more about the beer and get the answers to the most common questions:

  • Where is Troubadour Magma brewed?

Before the Musketeers brewery had its own place, the beer was brewed on commission by De Proefbrouwerij in Lochristi. De Proefbrouwerij is specially built for the production of beer by third parties. So to say startups or new brewers who do not have their brewery yet. In 2019 the Troubadour Magma beer moved to the Musketeers' own brewery. The Brouwerij the Musketeers is located in Belgium between Antwerp and Gent, in Saint-Gilles-Waes. 

  • What foods and dishes are good to pair with Troubadour Magma beer?

The Troubadour Magma beer goes great with seafood like fish, mussels or shellfish. It is also good with poultry. Moreover, you can pair the beer with Asian cuisine, hard cheeses and salad. Surprisingly, it also goes well with dessert and patisserie. 

  • How to serve Troubadour Magma? 

Like most IPA beers, Troubadour Magma fits best in a tulip-shaped beer glass. This glass allows you to swirl the drink so that it can reveal all its aromas. It is best to serve the beer between 5 to 8 degrees celsius. 

  • How bitter is Troubadour Magma?

To speak about bitterness, we use the International Bitterness Units, the IBU. The IBU of Troubadour Magma is 45. This means that it falls slightly more on the bitter side, as generally speaking, most beers have an IBU between 15 to 80. 

  • When was Troubadour Magma beer launched? 

Troubadour Magma was not the brewery's first beer. The first beer they brewed was Troubadour Blonde in 2000. Troubadour Magma was launched in 2010 at the Zythos Beer Festival. It became an immediate success, and since 2011, at the end of every summer, the brewery has also launched a special edition of Troubadour Magma. 

  • What awards has Troubadour Magma won? 

Troubadour Magma is an awarded beer. It has won more awards than you can count on fingers on two hands. For several years, it has won awards at the Beer Awards Digitaal Festival. The beer also won awards at the Zythos Beer Festival, Helsinki Beer Festival, World Beer Awards and Brussels Beer Challenge. 

  • What other beers are similar to Troubadour Magma?

If you like Troubadour Magma, you might also like Juice Junky by the Brussels Beer Project brewery or Super 8 IPA by Haacht brewery. Don’t forget to also look at our full collection of IPA beers. 

  • Is Troubadour Magma gluten free?

No, Troubadour Magma does contain gluten. You can find gluten-free beers in our catalogue by selecting a gluten-free filter. 

  • What are other beers by the Musketeers brewery?

Some other beers by the Musketeers brewery are Troubadour Westkust, Troubadour Imperial, Jack’s Precious IPA and Antigoon Courageous. 

troubadour magma
Photo: Brouwerij Musketeers


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Beer Extase 8.5% Korenaar | IPA
Anvers Belgique Blonde Bouteille

Double IPA brewed with fourteen different hops A very intense but balanced character.

The mild sweetness of the alcohol and the sugars in the malt complete the bitterness of the beer. Ecstasy lives up to its name thanks to its extreme hops (over 100 IBU).

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Beer Dream In Simcoe 6.5% Surréaliste | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bruxelles Canette Surrealiste

This IPA is only dry-hopped with Simcoe hops.

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Beer Viven Master Ipa 7% Viven | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Flandre Orientale

English style IPA with three strong hops (Merkur, Nelson and Citra).

Ideal as an aperitif since the hops will whet your appetite.

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Beer Bloemekei Ipa 6.5% Belgoo | IPA
€43,00 Regular price €54,00 Sale price
Belgique Bio Blonde Bouteille Brabant Flamand en stock

Round IPA with an intense dry hopping of exotic hops with floral and fruity aromas.

We perceive notes of lychee, grapefruit or passion fruit.

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Beer Dream Idaho 6.5% Surréaliste | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bruxelles Canette Surrealiste

This IPA is only dry-hopped with Idaho 7 hops.

Please note the product is in a 44cl can

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Beer Liquid Dream Mosaic 6.5% Surréaliste | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bruxelles Canette Surrealiste

This IPA is only dry-hopped with Mosaic hops.

Please note the product is in a 44cl can

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Beer Jawa 6.5% Stoemelings | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Bruxelles

Jawa IPA is a smooth IPA with fruity, floral and herbal notes.

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Beer Jack'S Precious Ipa 5.9% Musketeers | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Flandre Occidentale
Jack's Precious IPA is a distinctive India Pale Ale. A refreshing, easy-drinking specialty beer. The beer is reminiscent of a floral bouquet with a citrus accent.
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Beer Holy Ipa 6.5% NovaBirra | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Brabant wallon

An original hop character with complex notes of tropical fruits.

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Beer Viven Imperial Ipa 8% Viven | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Flandre Orientale

West coast IPA very fruity and spicy due to its hopping, it is slightly bitter on the finish.

It represents its style very well and is one of the best West Coast IPAs in Belgium.

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Beer L'Arogante 7.2% Arogante | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Flandre Occidentale

Typical sweet bitterness with a fruity dimension.

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Beer Ipa Potame 6% Millevertus | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Luxembourg
IPA Potame, a blond beer with a citrus nose and a citrus/grapefruit taste. Refreshing bitterness on the attack followed by a fairly long development in the mouth. The hops are very present at the end of the mouth. Very good balance.
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Beer Lion Ipa 6 6% Lion | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Brabant Wallon
Lion 6 is an organic IPA (Indian Pale Ale), with Belgian sauce. It is made with passion from the best organic hops from Europe and America as well as organic hops grown in Belgium. It is a heavily hopped beer for an explosion of flavors with flowery and coppery tastes.
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Beer Belgian Ipa 4.4% Vandekelder | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Bruxelles
This nicely balanced IPA combines a full malty body with a bitter undertone. It differs from typical citrus IPA flavors through the use of mild European aromatic hops such as Saaz and Styrian Goldings. The distinct hop character is complemented by the complexity and dryness of a Belgian yeast strain.
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Beer Leopold Astronaut 4.7% Marsinne | IPA
Belgique Blonde Canette Liège
Light and thirst-quenching Session IPA with bitterness and citrus notes. A dry hoppy beer that is easy to drink with its notes of lemon and grapefruit.
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Trotinette 0.4% 24x33cl DrinkDrink | IPA
€45,00 Regular price €54,00 Sale price
Belgique Bio Blonde Bouteille Bruxelles en stock Sans Alcool

La bière belge Trotinette de la brasserie DrinkDrink est la bière sans alcool du moment. Elle a tout pour plaire. Elle est même certifié bière biologique. La Trotinette est une IPA légère avec un taux d'alcool de 0.4%. Pour les amateurs qui apprècient aussi l'alcool, la brasserie DrinkDrink propose la Bicylcette, la Tandem et la BMX parmi ses bières permanentes.

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Beer Rochehaut Ipa 7% Rochehaut | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Luxembourg
Beer loaded with hops known for its protective qualities. The American varieties of hops selected for this IPA give it powerful notes of citrus and exotic fruits.
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Beer Super 8 Ipa 6% Haacht | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Brabant Flamand supermarket
The SUPER 8 IPA is refined and balanced. This means you get all the features of the style, without taking it too far. It is an amber colored beer with a finely bubbly head and a hoppy aroma with strong citrus and grapefruit notes.
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Beer Unwandet Tatoo 6.2% Verzet | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Flandre Orientale
Ginger IPA. Scents of exotic fruits, ginger, citrus. Flavor of hops, fruit and ginger.
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Beer Kerel Grapefruit Ipa 4.5% VBDCK | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Flandre Occidentale
IPA beer brewed with grapefruit puree.
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Hops I Did It Again ! 7% 24x33cl Beerstorming | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Bruxelles

La bière belge Hops I Did It Again ! de la brasserie Beerstorming est une IPA avec un taux d'alcool de 7%. La brasserie, située à Saint-Gilles, est connue pour ses bières telles que la Nordic Hopster, la GMGK et surtout ses ateliers de brassage en groupe que vous soyez amis, collègues ou cousins.Bière houblonée à la bergamote via une infusion de tisane lors du brassage. Les malts d'épeautre et de caramel salé lui donne une petite touche unique.

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Beer Lupulin Monster 7% Enigma | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Limbourg
An IPA from Limburg, with an American touch. Slightly lemony with a strong bitterness. Twice dry hopped with no less than 5 hops, including citra, mosaic, amarillo, centennial and white hallertau.
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Martin's IPA 55 6.5% 24x33cl John Martin | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille

La bière belge Martin's IPA 55 de la brasserie John Martin est une IPA avec un taux d'alcool de 6.5%. La brasserie, située en Belgique, est connue pour ses bières telles que la Gordon Finest Gold et la Timmermans. Découvrez la Martin's IPA 55, une IPA bien fait pour les amateurs de bonnes bières.

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Beer Sloeber Ipa 7.5% Roman | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Flandre Occidentale
The encounter of a typically Belgian strong and balanced blond beer with the aromas and bitterness of the IPA. Sweet, fruity and bitter.
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La Uccle Centre 6.4% 24x33cl Bieres de Quartier | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Bruxelles

La bière belge La Uccle Centre de la brasserie Bieres de Quartier est une IPA avec un taux d'alcool de 6.4%. La brasserie itinérant est connue pour ses bières artisanales brassées dans des brasseries différentes mais toujours liées à un quartier de Bruxelles.Bière de style IPA rouge

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Beer Blasting Citra 7% Tartaruga | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Hainaut

Double, Imperial or even Royal, Blasting Citra is a powerful Red IPA packed with a mega dose of super fruity hops.

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Beer Damme Nation 7% Siphon | IPA
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Flandre Orientale
Belgian style IPA with an American twist. The initial malty flavors are followed by the fresh fruitiness of the American hops used.
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IPA beer

What is an IPA beer? - Definition, history and origin

Any beer lover is familiar with an IPA beer and has at least once tasted this hoppy beverage. IPA beers have become largely popular and are even many beer lovers' favourite styles. But apart from the delicious taste, how much do you really know about IPA beers? The origin story and definition of IPA beers have become a common party discussion topic. In case you are not familiar with this style of beer, read on and get prepared for the next party. 

We will discuss the following topics about IPA beers:  

  1. The definition of IPA beer
  2. The origin story and history of IPA beer
  3. Who invented the first IPA beer, and what was it?
  4. How is IPA beer made?
  5. Why is IPA Indian?
  6. Different types of IPA beers
  7. What is the taste and aroma of an IPA beer?
  8. IPA beer - the bitterness and IBU
  9. Is IPA stronger than regular beer?
  10. Buy some of the best IPA beers online


The definition of IPA beer


IPAs are bitter beers, IPA stands for Indian pale ale, it is the name of a style of beer that dates back to the time of the British colonization of India.

IPA beers are generally pale beers that contain a lot of hops. Indeed, hops bring two essential characteristics to today's beer: bitterness and an aromatic dimension.

Unlike fruit beers, some beers smell like pineapple, pine or peach.

IPA style beers generally have a high IBU rate, which is proportional to the amount of hops used in the brewing process.

Some microbreweries have also made it their DNA to produce almost exclusively Indian pale ale style beers.


The origin story and history of IPA beer


The history of IPA beer goes back centuries, to the time when English colonists in British India imported beer from the country, which then contained a lot of hops in order to preserve the beer during the long journey by ship across the ocean.

Before IPA, there were pale ales, but it was complicated to provide them to the British Empire in the east. It was too hot to brew any beer in India, so the beer needed to be brewed in Britain. But then there was another problem. The long journey could ruin the beer. This led to the invention of heavily hopped beers that were a solution to all those issues.


Who invented the first IPA beer and what was it?


The first strongly hopped beer was made by a brewer called Hodgson. He was the one who thought hop would be the solution to make the beers last the journey from England to India. And, indeed, it worked. His hoppy beer was called October beer. 

Brewers started to imitate this style of beer. But with the spreading of the refrigerator, the IPA style of beers was fading away. 

It was the Americans who popularized IPA and all other hoppy beers. 

Although IPA style beers have been widely popularized from the United States, other regions of the world have now taken over, such as Scandinavia or England.

What a story! A beer invented in England to go all the way to India and then to be popularised in the States to become a hit worldwide. 


How is IPA beer made?


Beer has always contained aromatics, mainly for preservation, but it is now a century or two since hops became the main preservative in beer worldwide.

In recent decades, the role of hops has evolved. Today, with the cold chain, the role of hops as a preservative is no longer essential, but they now play the main role in the recipe in terms of their ability to determine the taste of the beer.

When brewing IPA beer, hops are dominant in the process. At the start, hops and malts are boiled together. Then shortly after, several finishing hops are added. Dry hops are added for a hoppy aroma. In addition, multiple hops are added to create different variations of taste and aromas. In the making of IPA, all grains are mashed at a lower temperature to enhance the taste of hops. In the end, the brewing process, when various hops are added during different stages of brewing, is the root of making an IPA beer

However, there is a difference between bittering hops and aromatic hops.

Regardless of the style of hops, those used at the beginning of the boil will always produce more bitterness than hops used at the end of the boil which will produce more aromatics.

Hops are so characteristic of IPA beers that some beers are named after the hops used. Thus we frequently find Citra, Simcoe or Cascade IPAs.


Why is IPA Indian?


Because IPA stands for Indian Pale Ale, some people think that IPAs come from India. It is not true. The name is only related to the origin story of the British exporting beer to their colonies in India. 


Different types of IPA beers


Today the IPA style is subdivided into several sub-styles, the main ones often corresponding to different regions of the United States.

One of the best known styles is the New England IPA, there is also the West-Coast IPA. The double IPA or Imperial IPA styles are simply related to the alcohol content of the beer.

There are also other lesser known Indian pale styles such as black IPA or Brut IPA.


Here’s a comprehensive list of all the different types of IPA beers: 


  • New England IPA - NEIPA

NEIPA beers are usually not described as bitter, but with juicy happiness, fruity flavours and a creamy mouthfeel.  

  • West-Coast IPA

This IPA style beer is characterised by high bitterness, citrus and piney notes, and a strong hop aroma. 

  • East-Coast IPA

Compared to the West-Coast IPA, this style is less bitter, has some tropical notes and is very smooth. 

  • English IPA

This stronger version of a pale ale is characterised as earthy and floral. The English yeast adds fruitiness to the beer flavour and aroma. 

  • Belgian IPA

The Belgian IPA was inspired by the American and double style IPAs. Belgian yeast is used to add fruitiness and spiciness to the beer. The colour of Belgian IPA varies from golden to amber. 

  • Double IPA

Double IPA means a bigger malt and hops profile than the regular IPA. It usually also has a stronger alcohol level. This is due to the more fermentable sugars coming from added malts. 

  • Triple IPA - TIPA

A Triple IPA, also called a TIPA, gets even stronger than a double IPA. This is all because even more hops and malts are added to the beer. 

  • Imperial IPA

This is a different name for a double IPA. The two beers are the same, but just some use a different names. 

  • Session IPA

If you are looking for a lower alcohol content beer, then a session IPA is a good choice. It combines an IPA and a session beer. 

  • Dry Hopped IPA

A dry-hopped Indian Pale Ale is when hops are used to add a more hoppy aroma to a beer. 

  • Single Hopped IPA

Normally a range of hops is used to create an IPA beer. Single Hopped IPA is a rather new style when only one hop is used. 

  • Double Dry-Hopped IPA

A double dry-hopping method means that hops are added post-fermentation on two separate days. This adds more complexity to the beer flavour and aroma. 

  • Fresh Hopped IPA

For making a fresh-hopped IPA, undried and whole flower hops are used instead of dried or processed hops. 

  • Hazy IPA

As the name suggests, this relates to the appearance of the beer. A hazy IPA literally has a hazy, cloudy look that you cannot see through the beer. 

  • Citrus IPA

When making citrus IPA fruit peels, zest or juice are often added to add fresh tastes and aromas. 

  • Black IPA

The black IPA is a beer dark in colour that has roasted flavours due to the darker malts used. 

  • Brut IPA

Brut IPA is a new beer in the market that is made by combining champagne with an Indian Pale Ale. 

  • White IPA

Wheat has been used to brew a white Indian Pale Ale. It is often light in colour and a bit hazy. 

  • IPA sans alcool

Lastly, you can even find some non-alcoholic Indian Pale Ales in the market. It is perfect for anyone who likes the hoppy tastes but prefers not to get tipsy. 


What is the taste and aroma of an IPA beer?


As you can guess, you can taste hops in IPA beers which are combined often with other tastes, like fruity or floral flavours. It also depends on the style of an IPA, but you can find earthy, piney, citrusy, and, of course, bitter notes. 

The IPA beers are also very diverse in aromas. But one thing you can count on is hoppy aromas. 

Hops are the essential element of IPA style beer. Hops are available in both cone and pellet form. When we talk about a cone, we are talking about the whole flower, while when we talk about a pellet, we are talking about the crushed hop flowers.


IPA beer - the bitterness and IBU


When it comes to IPA beers, you should be also familiar with the abbreviations IBU. IBU stands for International Bittering Units. The IBU reflects the bitterness of the beer. The higher the IBU, the more bitterness you can taste. The average IPA can be between 40 to 60 IBUs. Berliner Weisse, for example, is a beer style with one of the lowest IBU that can go down to 6. 

Is IPA stronger than regular beer?

Many people actually ask this question. Especially people new to drinking beer. IPAs are generally not the strongest beers in the world. The winners for that title are mostly stout style beers. Nevertheless, most IPAs do fall between the 5-7% ABV range. It depends on the person what they consider regular beer, but we know that IPAs are generally not very light. 5% is considered the average alcohol level in a beer, and IPAs often reach that or more. Although, there exist alcohol-free IPAs, as mentioned above. 

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