Non-Alcoholic Beers

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6 products

Beer Pico Nova 0.3% Brussels Beer Project | IPA
Belgique Bruxelles Canette En stock preorder Sans Alcool

Less aromatic than Pico Bello, it is more based on malt which gives it a unique aroma in this style.

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Beer Pico Bello 0.3% Brussels Beer Project | Acide
Belgique Bruxelles Canette En stock preorder Sans Alcool

The intensive hopping gives it a fruity and spicy taste without being bitter. Pico Bello is a hazy zero IPA.

Perfect substitute for people who like aromatic IPAs but don't want to or can't drink alcohol.

Pico Bello beer comes in a pale yellow colour and has a thick white foam. On the nose, you have aromas of hops, citrus and tropical fruits. On the palate, you get fruity, bitter and acidic tastes. It is a fresh and thirst-quenching beer.

Pico Bello was made with 100% natural ingredients. It has gone through a process of dealcoholization, but a special yeast strain was used to keep the flavour profile. A perfectly balanced craft beer without alcohol!


What does pico bello mean?

Pico Bello is also used as an expression. In Belgium, it is commonly used to describe when something is perfect or impeccable. For example, you can say, I want everything to be pico bello! That would mean you want everything to be perfect. 


Is Pico Bello beer completely alcohol-free?

No. Any real non-alcoholic beer still has some percentage of alcohol. Pico Bello has 0.3% of alcohol. You can read more information from our non-alcoholic beer page


What are the ingredients of Pico Bello beer?

Pico Bello non-alcoholic beer is made with water, Pilsner malt, Amarillo hops and yeast. Pico Bello also contains gluten


How to serve Pico Bello? 

The best serving temperature for Pico Bello beer is around 6 degrees celsius. 


What dishes go well with Pico Bello beer?

Pico Bello beer is ideal during brunch, as it is a non-alcoholic beer. It is also good as an aperitif, a light drink to start with. Lastly, it always works at a barbecue for anyone who does not want to drink anything heavy. 


What are some other beers by the Brussels Beer Project?

If you like Pico Bello beer, try out Pico Nova, another beer low in alcohol. If you are ready for something stronger, we can recommend Delta IPA, Jungle Joy, Juice Junky, Grosse Bertha and Wunderlager

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Beer Pico Bello 0.3% Mikkeller | IPA
Bouteille Danemark Edition Limitée En stock Sans Alcool

The intensive hopping gives it a fruity and spicy taste without being bitter.

Perfect substitute for people who like aromatic IPAs but don't want or can't drink alcohol.

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Beer Brugse Zot 6% Halve Maan | Blonde
Belgique Bouteille En stock Flandre Orientale preorder Sans Alcool

It is a delicious blond beer, brewed according to a unique recipe respecting tradition. Rather sweet, it is a perfect replacement for Leffe but in artisanal production in the center of Bruges.

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Trotinette 0.4% DrinkDrink | IPA
Belgique Bio Bouteille Bruxelles En stock preorder Sans Alcool
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Beer Viven Nada Ipa 0.3% Viven | IPA
Belgique Bouteille Flandre Orientale preorder Sans Alcool Sur commande (Min 6)

The Viven Nada IPA is a well hopped non-alcoholic ipa.

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Non-Alcoholic Beers

It is the lunch break, and you fancy a beer but need to stay focused for the rest of the day. Need to drive but still want to enjoy a beer with friends? Or maybe you are just thirsty but do not want to get tipsy. Then alcohol-free beer is the best option. 

Non-alcoholic beers have not been popular on the market, and some of you might still think choosing a soft drink is better than non-alcoholic beer. The good news is that the times have changed, and breweries have created some pretty delicious non-alcoholic beers


Non-alcoholic beers


Low alcohol level beers date back to the mediaeval times in Europe. Water was often polluted, thus, beer was served instead as a safe alternative. In the late nineteenth century, there was a growing concern for alcoholism, which led to popularising the low alcohol or non-alcoholic beers. Nowadays, it is often enjoyed by people who like the taste of beer but cannot drink due to driving, medicine use or other reasons.  


What is an alcohol-free beer?


Non-alcoholic beers contain very little alcohol. What is considered a non-alcoholic beer differs by country. For instance, in France, alcohol-free beer must have an alcohol level of 1.2% or less. In Belgium, beers with alcohol levels up to 0.5% can be sold under the label alcohol-free beer. But be aware when purchasing beers advertised with a 0.0% alcohol level. If it is a beer, then this means that fermentation has taken place, and there still must be a slight level of alcohol. During the fermentation, the sugars transform into alcohol. It is especially important to know for pregnant women who should still choose a soda instead of alcohol-free beer.


How is alcohol-free beer made?


To make an alcohol free beer, different processes are used to reduce the alcohol level, like rapid fermentation, bottom fermentation, osmosis, vacuum distillation or evaporation. The rapid fermentation process means that the fermenting time has been shortened so that the sugars would not transform into alcohol. The bottom fermentation means brewing at a low temperature to extract little sugar from the malts. The osmosis method allows the alcohol molecules to stay on a membrane and pass everything else through. The vacuum method heats the beer for several hours at 35 degrees to lower the alcohol content. And finally, some brewers use the evaporation method. Similarly to vacuum distillation, the alcohol is heated at 80 degrees for around 30 minutes to up to an hour. 


Some of the best alcohol-free beers


Here are a few of our favourite alcohol-free beers to try out.


Beer Pico Bello


Pico Bello is brewed by Brussels Beer Project brewery, and it is a fruity and spicy acidic beer. It has no bitter tastes and is a nice alternative to aromatic IPAs.


Beer Pico Nova


Another beer by Brussels Beer Project. The Pico Nova is an IPA style alcohol-free beer that is less aromatic compared to Pico Bello. 




A delicious alcohol-free IPA brewed by brewery DrinkDrink. It is a nice smooth beer with only 0.4% alcohol.




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