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Beer Pico Bello 0.3%

Brussels Beer Project | Acide
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C'est bientôt la saison des calendriers de l'avent

The intensive hopping gives it a fruity and spicy taste without being bitter. Pico Bello is a hazy zero IPA.

Perfect substitute for people who like aromatic IPAs but don't want to or can't drink alcohol.

Pico Bello beer comes in a pale yellow colour and has a thick white foam. On the nose, you have aromas of hops, citrus and tropical fruits. On the palate, you get fruity, bitter and acidic tastes. It is a fresh and thirst-quenching beer.

Pico Bello was made with 100% natural ingredients. It has gone through a process of dealcoholization, but a special yeast strain was used to keep the flavour profile. A perfectly balanced craft beer without alcohol!


What does pico bello mean?

Pico Bello is also used as an expression. In Belgium, it is commonly used to describe when something is perfect or impeccable. For example, you can say, I want everything to be pico bello! That would mean you want everything to be perfect. 


Is Pico Bello beer completely alcohol-free?

No. Any real non-alcoholic beer still has some percentage of alcohol. Pico Bello has 0.3% of alcohol. You can read more information from our non-alcoholic beer page


What are the ingredients of Pico Bello beer?

Pico Bello non-alcoholic beer is made with water, Pilsner malt, Amarillo hops and yeast. Pico Bello also contains gluten


How to serve Pico Bello? 

The best serving temperature for Pico Bello beer is around 6 degrees celsius. 


What dishes go well with Pico Bello beer?

Pico Bello beer is ideal during brunch, as it is a non-alcoholic beer. It is also good as an aperitif, a light drink to start with. Lastly, it always works at a barbecue for anyone who does not want to drink anything heavy. 


What are some other beers by the Brussels Beer Project?

If you like Pico Bello beer, try out Pico Nova, another beer low in alcohol. If you are ready for something stronger, we can recommend Delta IPA, Jungle Joy, Juice Junky, Grosse Bertha and Wunderlager

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