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      Beer Troubadour Magma 9% Musketeers | IPA
      Belgique Blonde Bouteille Flandre Occidentale

      Troubadour Magma is an amber-coloured IPA beer that is the flagship beer of the Musketeers brewery. The beer has the bitter characteristics of an American India Pale Ale that is softened with a fruity Belgian triple. The beer has a generous white head. This high fermentation beer is a beer full of character!

      On the nose, you feel an explosion of fruity aromas due to dry hopping. You will also notice aromas of hops, malt, yeast and spices. 

      The taste of Troubadour Magma is hops, malt, yeast, citrus, caramel and spices. It is a spicy, bitter beer that is slightly sweet. Troubadour Magma has a soft finish. 

      The Musketeers brewery has been operating since 2000. The name troubadour comes from the troubadours who were storytellers and singers and passed along stories across countries. The brewers have named their beers to reference their local tradition. 

      As young Belgian beer brewers, they also travel a lot. In America, the hoppy beers had taken off, which inspired the brewers of the Musketeers. In Belgium, bitter beers were not a trend yet, but there were a few on the market. As soon as Troubadour Magma entered the market, it became an instant hit. A dutch singer, Rob De Nijs, has sung that real beer lovers go for bitter. 

      The Troubadour Magma is a beer ideal to enjoy on sunny days both in summer and winter.

      Learn more about the beer and get the answers to the most common questions:

      • Where is Troubadour Magma brewed?

      Before the Musketeers brewery had its own place, the beer was brewed on commission by De Proefbrouwerij in Lochristi. De Proefbrouwerij is specially built for the production of beer by third parties. So to say startups or new brewers who do not have their brewery yet. In 2019 the Troubadour Magma beer moved to the Musketeers' own brewery. The Brouwerij the Musketeers is located in Belgium between Antwerp and Gent, in Saint-Gilles-Waes. 

      • What foods and dishes are good to pair with Troubadour Magma beer?

      The Troubadour Magma beer goes great with seafood like fish, mussels or shellfish. It is also good with poultry. Moreover, you can pair the beer with Asian cuisine, hard cheeses and salad. Surprisingly, it also goes well with dessert and patisserie. 

      • How to serve Troubadour Magma? 

      Like most IPA beers, Troubadour Magma fits best in a tulip-shaped beer glass. This glass allows you to swirl the drink so that it can reveal all its aromas. It is best to serve the beer between 5 to 8 degrees celsius. 

      • How bitter is Troubadour Magma?

      To speak about bitterness, we use the International Bitterness Units, the IBU. The IBU of Troubadour Magma is 45. This means that it falls slightly more on the bitter side, as generally speaking, most beers have an IBU between 15 to 80. 

      • When was Troubadour Magma beer launched? 

      Troubadour Magma was not the brewery's first beer. The first beer they brewed was Troubadour Blonde in 2000. Troubadour Magma was launched in 2010 at the Zythos Beer Festival. It became an immediate success, and since 2011, at the end of every summer, the brewery has also launched a special edition of Troubadour Magma. 

      • What awards has Troubadour Magma won? 

      Troubadour Magma is an awarded beer. It has won more awards than you can count on fingers on two hands. For several years, it has won awards at the Beer Awards Digitaal Festival. The beer also won awards at the Zythos Beer Festival, Helsinki Beer Festival, World Beer Awards and Brussels Beer Challenge. 

      • What other beers are similar to Troubadour Magma?

      If you like Troubadour Magma, you might also like Juice Junky by the Brussels Beer Project brewery or Super 8 IPA by Haacht brewery. Don’t forget to also look at our full collection of IPA beers. 

      • Is Troubadour Magma gluten free?

      No, Troubadour Magma does contain gluten. You can find gluten-free beers in our catalogue by selecting a gluten-free filter. 

      • What are other beers by the Musketeers brewery?

      Some other beers by the Musketeers brewery are Troubadour Westkust, Troubadour Imperial, Jack’s Precious IPA and Antigoon Courageous. 

      troubadour magma
      Photo: Brouwerij Musketeers


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      Beer Troubadour Westkust 8.5% Musketeers | Black IPA
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      Brasserie Musketeers

      The brewery ‘the Musketeers’ is located in the province of East Flanders near the Dutch border. She has taken up residence in a completely renovated old brickyard. She had been abandoned since 1969 and the new owners have breathed new life into her.

      The majority of beers are brewed on site but one of their beers, Troubadour Magma, is brewed elsewhere. This true flagship of the brewery that made them famous is brewed not far away at ‘De Proefbrouwerij’ which rents its facilities. They also brew a large number of beers that are very famous.

      There is the possibility of drinking and eating on site, a bar and a magnificent terrace awaits you.

      Today the Musketeers brewery has expanded its catalog with a black IPA (the Westkust) and an imperial stout.

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