Brewery Minne

      4 products

      4 products

      Beer Super Sanglier 4.5% Minne | Blonde
      Belgique Bouteille Luxembourg
      A Pale Ale that is dry hopped with Chinook. It is very refreshing, light and rich in aromas.
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      Beer Ardenne Saison 5.5% Minne | Saison
      Belgique Blonde Bouteille Luxembourg
      Blonde and light beer, refermented with Brettanomyces yeast from our orchards. This gives it a tangy, lively and spicy side with wild aromas of leather and hay. This Season is dry, bitter and extremely thirst-quenching.
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      Beer Ardenne Stout 8% Minne | Stout
      Belgique Bouteille Luxembourg Noire
      This Ardennes is a stout with strong and intense flavors and well balanced, without any heaviness. The use of roasted spelled malts and the woody touches give it intense coffee and roasted flavors with a touch of acidity. The full-bodied flavors of the malts, the aromas and the bitterness of the three hops to obtain a balanced product.
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      Beer Ardenne Rouge 7% Minne | Acide
      Belgique Bouteille Luxembourg

      Woody and lemony notes, it is slightly spicy.

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      Brewery Minne

      Brasserie Minne is a Belgian brewery located in the province of Namur.

      Active since 2004, she moved in February from the province of Luxembourg to the province of Namur. It changed its name for the occasion, thus becoming the Minne brewery after being called the Bastogne brewery for a long time.

      brasserie minne

      The brewery's first beer was Troufette Blonde on January 26, 2008.

      The beers from the Minne brewery are an ode to the Ardennes. Among its most famous beers are: Super Sanglier, Ardenne Stout, Ardenne Saison or Ardenne Stout.

      Minne Brewery's range of craft beers also includes a special series of barrel beers called Wood. Our friends describe it as a walk in the woods, of the Ardennes of course.

      The barrels used are oak barrels which have previously hosted divine beverages.

      We thus find:

      • Mon Loup: Ardenne Spirit aged in single malt casks
      • Ma Demoiselle: A white wine aged 3 years in Jura white wine barrels
      • Bee Gees: Ardennes Triple aged in Burgundy barrels

      The Minne brewery is both a regional brewery, which Namur residents are beginning to discover, but also a renowned brewery with beergeeks after several notable appearances at craft beer festivals such as BrusselsBeerFest.


      The brewery also produces a few organic beers that are all the rage in organic stores, which are more and more numerous in our territory.

      The current production capacity is 4000 hectoliters, 2500 more hectoliters than in their first installation.

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