Brewery Gruut

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      3 products

      Beer Gruut Blond 5.5% Gruut | Gruit
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      The Gruut Blonde is a rather cloudy and quite sweet gruut (spiced beer).

      It is the result of a mixture of specific spices. This style comes to us from Germany and was very popular with us before the war.

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      Beer Gruut Wit 5% Gruut | Blanche
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      Gruut White beer is very aromatic, with a fruity smell and a slightly grassy edge. The body is light, but soft. Thanks to the spices, the flavors are "round", very fine and complex. The first impression is a spicy dryness, but there is also a slight creamy sweetness underlying it.
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      Beer Gruut Inferno 9% Gruut | Triple
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      A delicate beer with an intense taste. Its golden color and unique flavor make it popular at all ages.
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      Brewery Gruut

      The Gruut brewery was founded by Annick De Splenter in 2009 at the ‘Grote Huidevettershoek’ in Ghent. She has been rocked in the world of beer since a young age. The love of brewing is clearly in his genes as his whole family has been active in the world of brewing, both on the maternal and paternal side.

      Here are some of the brands of his family: Young Pale Ale, Dentergem Blanche, Liefmans or Lucifer.

       The special thing about Ghent Gruuts is that they are brewed without hops. The search for alternatives to replace hops was not an easy task. After a course in biochemistry and some cooperation agreements with several universities, the communal beer of Ghent was born.

      There are currently five varieties: Gruut de Gand Blanche, Gruut de Gand Blonde, Gruut de Gand Ambrée, Gruut de Gand Brune and Gruut de Gand Inferno.

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