Brewery Caracole

4 products

4 products

Nostradamus Beer 9.1% Caracole | Porter
Belgique Bio Bouteille En stock Namur Noire preorder
A dark brown Belgian Dark Ale type beer. There are aromas of mocha, anise and licorice.
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Troublette Beer 5.6% Caracole | Blanche
Belgique Bio Bouteille En stock Namur preorder

Slightly lemony, it is cloudy as its name suggests.

Attention this product has a date of preference to consume before which is exceeded.

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Beer Saxo 7.7% Caracole | Blonde
Belgique Bio Bouteille Namur preorder Sur commande (Min 6)

The Saxo is a Golden Ale which has an aromatic but very balanced hopping, it has slightly roasted notes which fade quickly.

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Amber Caracole Beer 7.9% Caracole | Ambree
Ambrée Belgique Bio Bouteille Namur preorder Sur commande (Min 6)
An amber beer with hopped aromas and notes of orange blossom, mocha, liquorice and ginger. It is still brewed over a wood fire.
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Brewery Caracole

The Caracole brewery was born in 1765 at a time when it was not yet called Caracole.

The brewery was active until 1939, when a violent storm destroyed the chimney which collapsed on the buildings, leaving only ruins on its fall. After this incident, someone exploited the premises for another activity.

In 1971, a young man from Namur decided to relaunch the brewing activity in this place steeped in history.

At that moment, everything had to be redone and François made an important decision which became the hallmark of the Caracole brewery. He heats the wort over a wood fire as before.

The facilities were built accordingly, and even today, the brewery operates on a wood fire. As technologies have evolved, this method has been perfected over time.

The range of the Caracole brewery focuses on four beers in particular: Caracole, Nostradamus, Saxo and Troublette.

It is from this range that Caracole decided to launch into organic beers. In addition to the European organic label (little green leaf), the Caracole brewery also obtained a second label, the "Nature & Progrès" label. The latter is a label created in 1964 for agriculture and cosmetics, requires even more restrictive specifications than the classic organic label.

The Caracole brewery therefore stands out from other breweries by its choice of productions and its atypical history.

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