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      Beer Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio 5% Cantillon | Gueuze
      Acide Belgique Bouteille Bruxelles

      A tangy and fruity taste, the woody aromas due to the time of fermentation in barrels provide a long final touch in mouth.

      This beer can be kept for an extremely long time, it will only get better.

      The Gueuze Cantillon is a blend of several organic lambics.

      The Gueuze Cantillon has a golden blond colour with some orange reflections. The head of the beer is very thin. The beer has delicate citrus aromas. On the nose, you can notice lemon, apple and apricot. On the palate, you have fruity tastes, especially the lemon and apple. It provides a strong acidity with a long finish in the mouth. The balance of acidity is perfect. 

      The Cantillon brewery and its gueuze have become famous not only in Belgium but all around the world. Some people even call the beer “Champagne de Belgique”. The demand has not only become high among beer drinkers but also among collectors. People as far as the United States are trying to get their hands on a good Cantillon Gueuze. 

      Now, the Gueuze Cantillon represents half of the brewery’s production. The brewers follow a thousand-year-old brewing tradition and promote the natural taste of a beer by using the best raw materials. The cereals they use are 100% organically grown.

      The history and making of Gueuze beer

      In the 18th century, a Benedictine monk discovered champagnisation by blending different non-sparkling white wines. It was just the beginning of discovery, as, during the next century, a Brabant brewer mixed several Lambics that caused fermentation in the bottle. And finally, the Gueuze was born. 

      Before that, only Lambic and Faro beers were drunk in Belgium. The monk’s discovery of champagnisation and the Brabant brewers mixing of lambics started a new revolution. The Gueuze beer then became a hit. In fact, it was not the Belgians but Americans who noticed the value of a gueuze beer. Before it came back to the spotlight in Belgium, the demand was much higher in the United States. 

      Creating this complex mixture of different lambics requires some work. Around ten lambics from different barrels need to be tasted to select the best half for the mixture. Young lambics that are one year old are mixed with old lambics, which are three years old. The bottles are then placed horizontally in a cellar for a second fermentation that takes about one year. Once the lambic has become sparkling, it has become a gueuze. 

      Anecdote of cooking with Gueuze Cantillon beer

      Proper beer lovers and geeks would call anyone mad to waste a good Cantillon Gueuze on any dish. Nevertheless, there is a whole recipe book about cooking with Cantillon beer!

      You can find this book at Brussels Gueuze Museum, which is a museum dedicated to gueuze beer and established in the Cantillon brewery. 

      The book called “La Gueuze Gourmande” was published in 1995 and only focuses on dishes that use Cantillon beers. There is a recipe called tête pressée that even requires two full bottles of Cantillon Gueuze. This book was made when the consumption of traditional gueuze was declining, especially during the tough times after World War II. This book intended to use the beer in recipes in a way that the unique beer flavour would not disappear. 

      The recipe book may be forgotten now, but luckily the consumers have once again started to appreciate a traditional gueuze beer the way it is.

      Learn more about the Gueuze Cantillon beer.

      How long can you store a Gueuze Cantillon beer?

      The good news is that this beer only gets better with time! In a cellar, Cantillon Gueuze can age for more than 20 years without losing any taste or aromas. 

      Where is the Gueuze Cantillon brewed?

      The Cantillon brewery is located in the Anderlecht neighbourhood in Brussels, Belgium. It is very close to one of the main train stations, Brussels Midi. 

      How to serve the Gueuze Cantillon?

      The Gueuze Cantillon can be served at 15 degrees celsius. Cantillon brewery has a dedicated beer glass for the gueuze. If you are unable to buy a Cantillon beer glass, then use any straight format beer glass to enjoy your beer. 

      What are some other similar beers to Gueuze Cantillon?

      If you enjoy the Gueuze Cantillon, you must see the other gueuze beers in our collection. 

      What are the other beers by Cantillon brewery?

      We encourage you to try out Cantillons Kriek and Gambrinus

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      Brewery Cantillon

      The Cantillon brewery was born in 1900 in Brussels at a time when the capital was home to around seventy gueuzeries. Today there is only her left in town since the others are located west of Brussels in the Pajottenland.

      Family brewery since the beginning, it is both the favorite brewery of American Beer-geeks and that of supporters of the Union Saint-Gilloise (preferred football club of the Cantillon brewery and sponsored by it).

      Although the brewery has had its ups and downs over the past century, it has risen entirely from its ashes since the early 1990s. Installed at the same address since 1937, it is located in an old warehouse with exposed brick walls whose only tenant is time, two cats and the few spiders that somehow survive them.

      Time is also of crucial importance for the brewery. So around a wall in the brewery, we can read the quote "Time does not respect what is done without it". This crucial dimension to the maturation of lambic.

      Recently it is the fifth generation who got involved, after Paul & Marie, Georgette Fernande Robert & Marcel, Claude & Jean-Pierre and Jean & Nathalie it is Florian who perpetuates this tradition of producing lambic and the geuze.

      Located in Anderlecht, a stone's throw from the Gare du Midi, the brewery also houses the Brussels Museum of Gueuze, and will reveal all its secrets to you.

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