Top 10 best beer bars in Brussels for craft beer.

There are countless beer bars in Brussels. It would be strange if there weren’t. After all, Belgium is famous for its beer, and the capital should reflect on that. With so many choices, which beer bar to go to?

If you are a craft beer fan like us, then you must visit some of these best craft beer bars in Brussels. 


1. Moeder Lambic
Moeder Lambic was one of the first bars to ditch collaborating with big companies and started working with small independent breweries instead. It is focused on quality craft beers, and even the cheese platters they serve on the side are locally sourced. Moeder Lambic has two locations in Brussels. So you can choose if the city centre or the Saint Gilles location is more convenient for you.


2. L'Amère à boire

L'Amère à Boire beer bar, one located in the Saint Gilles area and others in Flagey and Uccle, has a huge selection of craft beers. If you are lost and cannot make up your mind, then do not be afraid to ask the bartenders. They will happily help you out. 

bar a biere bruxelles

L'Amère à boire

3. Dynamo

Dynamo is a craft beer bar also located in Saint Gilles. They have a wide selection of Belgian craft beers. You can also find some interesting craft beers from elsewhere. There is a massive list on the wall of the beers on tap on one side of the bar. On the other side of the bar, you can admire the numerous beer bottles and cans in the fridge. Some of the beers have fantastic label designs, so you might forget yourself browsing. 


4. Bar à jeux 

What could be more fun than spending some time at a board game bar while being served delicious craft beers? That's Bar a Jeux! You can choose a fun game to have a laugh with your friends. But if you do choose a challenging board game, then take a light beer to keep your focus on winning the game. 


5. Le Gist

Le Gist is a typical Brussel style beer bar serving only craft beers. Some vinyl records are playing in the background to create a pleasant atmosphere. The name of the bar, Gist, actually means yeast in Dutch. An interesting choice! They have beers on the tap and bottled beers. The beers are mostly Belgian, but you can also find some international selections. 


6. Brasserie de La Senne

De La Senne brewery welcomes guests to do tours in their brewery located near Tour & Taxis in Brussels. If you just want to have a drink, then they also have a bar at the same location. The neighbourhood is up and coming, and there are often a lot of events around there. Thus, it is a perfect place to enjoy good beer and culture. 


7. L'Ermitage

The nano-brewery L'Ermitage has its bar located in Saint Gilles, Brussels. Besides serving beers, they also have a fine selection of natural wines and even gin and tonic. The beers come from their brewery, of course. However, you can also try other beers from their friends' breweries. 


8. BBP Bailli

The Brussels Beer Project brewery recently opened their BBP Bailli, where they have 30 craft beers on tap. Wow! They serve many beers from their brewery but Brussels Beer Project also has invited their friend brewers from all over the world. They often organise fun beer-themed events in the location. Besides beer, they serve delicious homemade pizzas and other mouth-watering snacks. 

bar a biere bruxelles

BBP Bailli 

9. Brasserie & Bar de la Mule

Like many other breweries, de la Mulebrewery also has its bar right where they brew their beers. The bar has room for a stage where you can enjoy live music while sipping on local craft beer. The brewery and bar are located in old STIB stables, which creates a cool atmosphere.


10. Brewdog

Scottish brewery Brewdog  has opened a bar of the same name in Brussels to serve its carefully selected craft beers and other local beers. Located in the heart of the city, this Scottish-Belgian blend can never go wrong. They didn't stop there and also opened a beer bar in Paris. This brewery is also responsible for creating one of the strongest beers in the world.


Many of those bars, like Moeder Lambic, Dynamo, Bar à Jeux, L’Ermitage and L’Amère à boire, are located in the same area. Some of them are even just a minute away from each other. So if you are looking to do a craft beer pub crawl, then the Saint-Gilles area is the place to be.

Nevertheless, do not forget about the others. All the craft beer bars are worth visiting to drink some of the best craft beers Brussel has to offer.

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