Advent Calendar 24/12 - St. Bernardus Beer 12

A slightly special Christmas beer.

We end this Advent calendar in style with Sint-Bernardus 12.
Best eaten with desert rather than as an aperitif on this Christmas Eve evening.

The origin of Christmas beers dates back several centuries. They are known for being particularly strong, sweet and spicy. But why then?

It's very simple, Christmas beer was the last beer of the year. The spices were used to hide the defects of the beer which was brewed with the year's cereals, the harvest of which was already several months old. At the time, we didn't waste and the tradition remained.

Sint-Bernardus 12 is not strictly speaking a Christmas beer but it shares certain characteristics:

  • An ivory moss
  • A dark dress
  • A licorice flavor

But above all it is the twin sister of the best beer in the world, Westvletteren 12.

To be consumed at room temperature to appreciate all its complexity and its 10 degrees of alcohol.

This is also an opportunity to give us your opinion on our Advent calendar.
So was it good?

Give us an answer for Christmas, it will be our gift =D



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