We met Fugu Brewing

Nico contacted us at the end of December when we were just recovering from the Christmas rushBack from a well-deserved vacation, we meet again at the Dynamo beer bar in Saint-Gilles, Brussels.

This is where the launch party for Fugushima took place, the first beer of Nico and Sam, two friends from Liège who have been living in Brussels for a few years.

The launch party was a resounding success, in particular with the support of a coach of friends from Liège who had come to Brussels for the occasion. 

Over 800 cans were gobbled up that first night.

Today, Nico and Sam have two beers under their belt. Fugu Brewing beers take the bias of hops galore. While waiting for the plans of their own breweries, the beers are brewed at Anders in complete transparency.

Hops and authenticity are at the heart of the approach of the two founders of Fugu Brewing. As residents of Liège settled in Brussels, their hearts still swing for the location of their future brewery. All we know is that they dream of space and a sunny terrace to down the pints.

Their two beers, Fugushima and Hop Circles will be available very soon on beercrush.be

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