Advent Calendar 16/12 - Papgaei Beer

What do drinking 10 Papegaei and having your finger bitten by a parrot have in common?

It hurts. And Papegaei means parrot.

Papegai hits hard with its 8% alcohol but it remains easy to drink and offers an unusual bouquet of aromas for such a strong beer.

It is the beer of a single brewery, the Verstraete brewery. Finally a bierfirma as they say in Flanders, that is to say a "brewery" which does not have its own facilities.

There are several ways to outsource the brewing of beer. The noblest is to use the facilities of another brewery and get involved yourself.

Others just send the recipe and do not take care of the production but this is not the case of André Verstraete who produces and bottles Papegai himself in the facilities of the Deca brewery in East Flanders.

Papegaei also has the particularity of being brewed with dried hop flowers while craft breweries mainly use hop cones and industrial breweries are fond of hop extracts.

I leave you in the company of Papegaei which I really appreciated about ten years ago before the tidal wave of all the hoppy beers lighter in alcohol.

Health !


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