Advent Calendar 15/12 - Chinette Beer

“Brew beer, not money”

Large industrial groups such as AB Inbev brew beer for money. They quickly shorten the production process from a few weeks to a few days, they add corn or glucose-fructose syrup to replace part of the barley malt and many other ingredients with scientific names.

At Brasserie de la Lesse, it's quite the opposite, the brewery is organized as a cooperative with a social vocation and everything is done so that the beers and their environments are as natural as possible.

No centrifugation, no forced CO2 saturation, no pasteurization. No preservatives, colorings, additives, flavor enhancers, stabilizers, clarifying agents, foaming agents, correctors.

At Brasserie de la Lesse, beer is a living product, made with living raw materials.

Tonight's Chinette is the brewery's lager. Soberly bitter, it seduces with its citrus flavors and its floral nose due to the dry hop technique, which makes it an all-purpose and highly appreciated beer.

I share with you the label of their new beer which refers to the caves of Han and the Lesse River after which it is named.

Don’t hesitate to taste all their beers the next time you go to Namur.

Health !


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