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The brewers of Paris

It is always fun to discover new beers and breweries. Every country, city and region has its beer style and history. Thus, it is interesting to take a closer look at a specific area to get to know its beers and brewers. And today we are going to look at Paris, the city known more for good wine and romantic atmosphere than beer.

History of beer and breweries in Paris

Though beer is now gaining popularity, this was not always the case. Paris was not a beer-drinking city. Beer was considered the drink of the poor. Once the demand for beer was rising, the breweries in Paris still stayed small. 

In the past year, France has seen a rise in breweries. Paris is now home to some of the best craft beer breweries in the country. An ancient text mentions that the first time beer was present in Paris was already in 1434. Later in 1489, a position was created for the brewers in Paris.

In the 19th century things really started to get going. The beer Pils became very popular, and dozens of breweries were born. Unfortunately, the post-war period brought a downfall in the industry, and many brewers did not survive. 

In the year 2000, the beer scenery started to come back alive. And by now, there are more than a dozen breweries in Paris

But before we dive into the list of best brewers of Paris, let's ask what are microbreweries and craft beer breweries?

In short, a microbrewery is a brewery that does not brew large quantities of beer yearly. In France, a microbrewery produces less than 200 000 hectoliters of beer per year. The definition is set by the size of the brewery but not by the products it produces. Microbreweries often brew craft beers, but it is not a rule. Craft beer breweries follow artisanal methods to make their beer.  

Here are some of the best brewers in Paris:


We have listed some of the best Parisian microbreweries and craft beer breweries.

Brewery Goutte d'Or

One of the pioneer breweries in Paris was Goutte d’Or, which helped bring the craft beer movement into the capital. The founder, Thierry Roche, really focuses on reflecting the Goutte d’Or neighbourhood in the beers. The brewer of Paris often uses the spices popular in the area or uses grape must or wine casks that reflect the wines in the Goutte d'Or. Even the beer names go along with the neighbourhood. 


Brewery Grand Paris


When a Briton and American get together, a new brewery is born. That is the story of Grand Paris when Fabrice and Anthony decided to start their brewery after being nomadic home brewers for a while. They often stay away from trends and put their tastes in their beers.  

brasseur paris

Brasserie Grand Paris


Brewery BAPBAP

BAPBAP, whose name in French means Brewed in Paris, drunk in Paris, is a Parisian brewery founded in 2014. They have nine permanent artisanal Parisian beers. Moreover, they are lucky to have an old textile warehouse as their home. The building itself is spectacular to see. 


Brewery de l'Être


The l'Être brewery was founded in 2015 by Loic and Edward. The brewers were already thinking about opening a microbrewery in 2012. That was before the capital had any microbreweries. Today they are producing organic French artisanal beers.

brasseurs paris

Brasserie de l'Être



Fauve brewery brings colour and vibrance to our lives. All the beers are made by craftsmen with a scientific approach who aim to be innovative. Also, all the beer labels are illustrated by different artists and are fun for the eye. They brew various IPA beers, fruit beers and high-density beers. 


Although located a bit outside the city, we can still call them Parisian brewers. This is because the story of Hespebay brewery begins in a kitchen in an apartment in Paris. Seven years later, in 2014, the brewers could finally create a proper brewery. With their beers, they aim to bring new experiences to the community.

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