Advent Calendar 12/24 - Super noAh Beer

Welcome to the resistance! But which ?

The resistance cell in the West Vlaanderen region ready to demand independence?

The resistance of Belgian beers against throat-burning American IPAs?

Or the resistance against the sugary Oud Bruin which insults the regional heritage?

Welcome to Brouwerij 't Verzet founded by 3 fellows in 2016 in Anzegem in East Flanders (aka West Vlaanderen). Alex, Koen & Joran offer us a thirst-quenching beer, refreshing, bitter but above all without American hops.

Did you notice the capital letter in the name Super noAh?

The name "noAh" actually means "no American Hops".

It is therefore the Magnum for the bitterness and the Hallertau Mittelfruh for the aromas which offer us this beautiful beer.

It will be difficult not to want a second one and I don't know if you noticed but its color (the color) is that of a white beer. It almost feels like we're on a terrace, but the temperatures are there to bring us back to our winter existence.

The 't Verzet brewery (the resistance in Dutch) is run by 3 super nice friends but is best known among beer geeks for its Oud Bruin beers.

Oud Bruin are to East Flanders what gueuzes are to the people of Brussels. A regional beer that once everyone drank locally but which almost disappeared under the invasion of sweet (= non-acidic) beers that we all know today.

If you don't know what an Oud Bruin is. Perhaps you have already tasted a Rodenbach? Well it’s the sweet version of the traditional Oud Bruin.

The Verzet brewery brews an Oud Bruin in the purest of traditions and also offers it in new horizons by macerating numerous ingredients such as vines, peaches, etc.

We nevertheless preferred to choose their thirst-quenching beer, Super noAh, so as not to shock palates that are not used to such acidity.

Cheers and see you tomorrow,


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