Advent Calendar 13/24 - Ramon Beer

Imagine a small inn on the edge of the forest along a muddy road that connects France to Germany. You are in Mater, a small village which is today swallowed up by the Flemish town of Oudenaarde.

In 1545, Joos Roman, an innkeeper by trade, brewed the first beer in what is today the oldest family brewery in Belgium, the Roman brewery.

12 generations later, Roman beers have spanned the centuries and continue to innovate. You have in your hands Ramon, a refreshing, low-calorie non-alcoholic blonde beer with a slight lemony touch.

Without alcohol you say? It still says 0.3% alcohol on the can!

In fact, 0.3% is the maximum limit for a beer to qualify as non-alcoholic beer.

Why are some beers 0% and others 0.3% then?

There are two main methods for obtaining alcohol-free beer.

- the first, which we will call the industrial method, consists of removing the alcohol from a beer via mechanical and chemical processes. This is how Leffe, Jupiler and even Hoegaarden without alcohol are produced.

- the second method, which we will call the artisanal method, consists of using an undemanding yeast and a low sugar level so that the yeasts produce little alcohol during fermentation. This is the case for many non-alcoholic craft beers such as Pico Bello from Beer Project or Trotinette from DrinkDrink.

The latter often have a particular taste, a little watery, because the low density of cereals, and therefore of sugar, gives it little body.

This nevertheless makes them very refreshing beers. Perfect for cyclists and athletes during their long Sunday rides.

Health !


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