Advent Calendar 18/12 - Pony Beer

2 cocktail bars that come together to create a beer.

You believe it, do you ?

A “pony” is no longer just a unit of measurement in mixology (the art of making cocktails) but it is also a crisp blond beer with just the right amount of bitterness and alcohol.

The 2 Ghent bars Jiggers & Ganzerik have created this thirst-quenching beer to end their long cocktail bartender shifts in style.

They proudly display their choice of cans with qualitative and ecological advantages. The aluminum can is in fact the packaging that best protects a hoppy beer from light damage. It is also lighter and more compact, which facilitates logistics and reduces the CO2 impacts of transport and storage. Honestly, my back says thank you to them.

If you are interested in the two worlds of beer and cocktails, know that some bartenders create cocktails by replacing soft drinks with beer, usually IPAs whose flavors and aromas turn heads.



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