Advent Calendar 7/24 - Ouwen Duiker


Tonight's beer is Ouwen Duiker, or "Old Diver" in Flemish slang.

It is an American pale ale, in other words a blond beer that uses American hops. American pale ales are generally more bitter than our classic Belgian beers but less bitter than the now very popular IPA.

In the case of Ouwen Duiker, Mosaic and Citra hops offer us their most beautiful aromatic palettes.

What does the Brouwland hop guide tell us (where you can buy them if you are a home brewer)?

Mosaic: Earthy/tobacco, Citrus, Resinous, Spicy, Tropical fruits

Citra: Citrus, Fruity, Stone Fruits, Tropical Fruits

They don't get too wet but from experience Citra hops are very tropical fruity while Mosaic is more resinous. Ultimately, the flavors that can be tasted at the time of tasting depend largely on the quantities used, the moment when it is introduced into the recipe (start/end of cooking or fermentation) and all the interactions with the other ingredients.

Good reading if you take a look at the hops guide and especially health!

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