Alternative Craft Beers to Guinness for St. Patrick's Day

Guinness is one of the most famous Irish beers and a great way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. This is an Irish stout that was first brewed in 1759 in Dublin. This beer has become so famous that you can find it in many countries around the world.

Although Guinness is a great beer, you don't have to stick with this one beer. There are so many delicious stout beers who can help you celebrate this feast day.

So here are some craft beers alternatives to the famous Guinness beer.

1. Naughty

The Stouterik, brewed by the Brasserie De La Senne, is a classic dry stout. With an alcohol content of 5%, it is an easy drinking beer. This dark colored beer with ruby highlights comes with roasted notes, a touch of coffee, a discreet bitterness and a surprisingly refreshing finish.

2. Hive Mind

An imperial stout brewed by Brussels Beer Project. An extra delicious stout with notes of honey and nuts. The beer is very smooth to drink and will surprise you with some dark chocolate notes at the end.

biere stout

3. 28 Imperial Stout

The Brewery 28 brewed this beer with smoked malt, chipotle pepper and coffee. This stout beer is surprisingly light despite its 12% alcohol content. There are notes of caramel, chocolate and dried fruits. The chipotle pepper gives it a spicy finish.

imperial stout

4. Ardennes Stout

The brasserie Minne has used roasted spelled malts to bring you a beer with intense flavors of coffee and roasting. Ardenne Stout has a touch of acidity. On the nose, there are aromas of chocolate, wild berries and toast. The end result is a well-balanced stout with strong flavors without a heavy feeling.


5. Kofi Brazilian

As one of the brewers of the brasserie Atrium is from Brazil, you can also feel a Brazilian feel in their beers. This milk stout has been infused with coffee from Matas de Minas in Brazil. It is brewed with added lactose and has a very creamy texture.

stout biere

6. Oyster Stout

Oyster Stout is a unique Belgian stout from the Brasserie De Schelde. Fresh oysters have been added to provide a salty sea aftertaste. The beer was also filtered through oyster shells. The result is a beer full of character with tastes of salted caramel, aromas of roasting and dried fruits and a dry bitterness.

oyster stout

7. Onyx

Another gem from the Atrium brewery. Onyx is rich in aromas and has a complex taste with over 15 types of grains, orange peel, cocoa, vanilla and highly mineralized water. This black colored beer is accompanied by a beige head.

8. No Forgiveness

Daughter of the Ear of Corn offers us a Russian Imperial Stout rich in notes of chocolate and toasted malt. Although it is high in alcohol, it is an easy drinking beer.

russian imperial stout

9. Stout of Java

Stout of Java Saint Jean can be paired with any dessert, or you can drink it instead of dessert at the end of the meal. The beer has a perfect balance, neither too strong nor too light.

So which of these beers are you going to drink on St. Patrick's Day? Discover our box of black beers which contains many of these beers!

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