Guide to Buying Craft Beer Online

Buying beer online is easier than ever. In a few clicks, the beer is delivered to your door.

During the pandemic, some bars have had to close or are only open for a limited time.

By buying online, you will not miss good beers. Plus, you don't have to carry all that weight, unlike buying beers from the store.

If you are someone who always wants to have beers at home for guests or after a long day at work, the beer delivery is a dream come true. 

But with so many options available, what buy beers?

beer styles

Should you have a box of stouts or pale ale delivered to you? If you are new to beer or looking for something easy to drink, choose a wheat beer.

For a touch of bitterness, buy a IPA, a generously hopped Indian Pale Ale.

Stout is for those looking for something stronger. If you're not sure about the different styles of beer, check out our guide to belgian beer styles for beginners. You can also always get a mixed box with the different styles to explore different beer flavors.

saveur biere


Choose by region

Certain regions are known for certain styles of beer and have their own history. Each region was influenced by its agricultural landscape, the ingredients available to brewers, and historical ties.

Do you know the breweries in your area? Or why not start mapping beers?

For example, you can start tasting beers from Namur, then move on to other regions until you've completed the full Belgian beer map!

Different breweries

Some people look for well-known breweries, or have tried a beer from a brewery and liked it a lot. It is always possible to buy a whole pack of beer from your favorite brewery.

You can also choose according to the size of the brewery. Craft breweries can be segmented based on the amount of beer they produce annually. In general, a craft brewery produces less than 15,000 hectoliters of beer per year. A micro-brewery is a brewery that produces between 1000 and 15000 hectoliters per year. Breweries that produce between 500 and 1000 barrels of beer are called nano-breweries. The smallest of them are the pico-breweries which produce less than 500 barrels of beer per year.

brasserie biere artisanale

Next to the size of the production, it is above all the philosophy and the quality of the ingredients. Craft beers are generally distinguished from industrial beers by the palette of flavors of these beers.

Watch out for the ABV

Some beers can be very strong in alcohol. Are you ready for this? For easy drinking, choose low-alcohol beers, with a blood alcohol content of around 4%. Mid-alcohol beers have a blood alcohol content of around 6%. For those who are ready to drink something high in alcohol, you can buy beers at 8% and more! The maximum for a beer is 15% alcohol. There are many beers that contain even more alcohol, but they have undergone special treatments.

Or receives a surprise!

At Beercrush, we also offer a beer subscription which allows you to discover new beers easily. It's perfect when you're a regular beer drinker, want to try something new and haven't decided on your favorite beer yet. Have a new case delivered to you each month craft beers and quickly become a craft beer expert.

Don't forget to write down the beers you prefer so that you can order your box of beers perfect.

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