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      4 products

      Belgian Beer Advent Calendar Beercrush | Calendrier
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      A 100% Belgian beer advent calendar.
      That's what we're going to talk about for a few minutes.

      Belgian beers are a great classic among beer lovers around the world.
      We have opted to select our 2022 Belgian beer calendar for 24 different beers which represent the brewing diversity of Belgium with well-known and lesser-known beers.

      The calendar contains beers from Belgian breweries with very different profiles such as family breweries known to everyone but also lots of new microbreweries which have emerged in recent years.

      Our Belgian beer calendar is assembled in Brussels, Belgium and we ship it throughout the European Union with shipping costs adapted to the country of destination.

      If you already know Belgian beers well, you can opt for one of our regional calendars dedicated to each Belgian province. These contain at least 12 beers from the Belgian province whose calendar you have chosen.
      This year, we recommend the calendar for the Namur and Liège regions if you don't know which one to choose.

      We end by answering a few questions that you may be asking yourself:

      • Possible to order several calendars per order for the same address
      • No hassle to add a personalized message for the calendar recipient
      • Invoice on request
      • Calendars are in stock and ready to ship
      • The boxes are ultra resistant, no need to worry
      • The beer selection is different from last year
      • The calendar weighs 16 kilos
      • Delivery is from 3.50€ and we deliver throughout the European Union
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      Flanders Beer Advent Calendar Beercrush | Calendrier
      Anvers Belgique Brabant Flamand Coffret Flandre Occidentale Flandre Orientale

      Message: Permanently out of stock in 2023

      An advent calendar with Flemish beers in it.

      The diversity of Flemish beers is well represented with beers from the provinces of Antwerp, East Flanders and West Flanders.

      The calendar contains 24 different beers with a few classics but especially local artisanal beers that will appeal to amateurs and those discovering them for the first time.

      Walloon Belgian beer advent calendar

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      Brussels Beer Advent Calendar Beercrush | Calendrier
      Belgique Bruxelles Coffret

      Message: Permanently out of stock in 2023

      An advent calendar with 24 Brussels beers in it.

      The Brussels region is in turmoil with new breweries or projects springing up every year.

      List of breweries usually included in the Brussels Beer Advent Calendar :

      • Senne Brewery - pioneer of Brussels beers with a touch of bitterness
      • Brussels Beer Project - the Delta IPA and dozens of ephemeral beers
      • No Science - the best Porter style black beers
      • La source - the youngest that seduces everyone
      • Ermitage - the Lantern will illuminate your journey of thirst
      • En Stoemelings - Het is Ca va Brussels beers
      • Annexe - a brewery-fermentery that loves seasonal style beers
      • H2O - well-made beers by Olivier, a veteran of the Senne brewery
      • Beerstorming - experimental workshop, come and brew your own beer
      • Surrealist - soon to be operational in the Dansaert district
      • Witloof - Mexican-inspired beers of Everoise origin
      • Vandekelder - beers brewed in a cellar by 9 friends
      • Drogenbos Beer - the whiskey distillery shares its fermented brews with the public
      • Drinkthatbear - Red Beard and Grandmother
      • DrinkDrink - the specialist in organic beers for cycling enthusiasts or not
      • Bière de Quartier - 7 beers brewed in 7 districts by 7 different breweries

      For those who are curious, here is what the advent calendar box looks like.

      emballage calendrier avent biere beercrush

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      Walloon Beers Advent Calendar Beercrush | Calendrier
      Belgique Brabant Wallon Coffret Hainaut Liège Luxembourg Namur

      Message: Permanently out of stock in 2023Message: Permanently out of stock in 2023

      An advent calendar with Walloon beers inside.

      The 5 Walloon provinces are well represented with beers from the province of Namur, Liège, Hainaut of Luxembourg as well as Walloon Brabant.

      The calendar contains 24 different beers with a few classics but especially local artisanal beers that will appeal to amateurs and those discovering them for the first time.

      Walloon Belgian beer advent calendar

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      Beer Advent Calendar

      Beer advent calendars have been a real sensation for several years.

      Do you like beer and even more craft beer?

      Are you already salivating at the thought of uncapping a beer that awaits you in the cold every December evening?

      Treat yourself with beercrush advent calendars.

      At Beercrush we offer you not one but 4 beer advent calendars in order to continue the pleasure and discovery year after year but also to have an advent calendar with local beers from your region

      We advise you above all to opt for our beercrush Belgian beer calendar which contains the most diverse selection of all our calendars.

      Alongside the beercrush calendar, there are also our calendars with local beers for each of the 3 Belgian regions.

      Beercrush is one of the pioneers to offer an advent calendar with already 6 years of experience under its belt.

      This year, we pulled out all the stops with colorful packaging that will brighten up your evenings.

        Frequently asked questions about advent calendars:

        • Are there tasting sheets (paper or digital)?
        • Are these the same beers as the previous year?
        • Is delivery included in the price?
        • Delivery abroad?
        • Order multiple calendars at once?
        • Is it possible to have an invoice?
        • A personalized message?
        • Is the invoice included in the schedule?
        • A calendar with exclusive beers?
        • Discount for pre-order?
        • When did the first expeditions take place?
        • Local beers or beers from around the world?
        • Canned beer?
        • Delivery to relay point?
        • Advent calendar weight

        When to order your beer advent calendar?
        From today. Orders are shipped from the first week of November until the first days of December.

        Are the beers on the calendar different from those of the previous year?
        Beercrush offers 4 different beer advent calendars, so sometimes there are a few returning beers if you buy the same calendar as last year. No risk, however, if you choose a different version this year.

        To which country do you deliver the calendar?
        Throughout the European Union

        Can I add a personalized note for the calendar recipient?
        Of course, you can add a personalized note when paying for the calendar. This will be printed on the delivery note slipped into the box. No price is indicated on the delivery note.

        I would like to offer the beer calendar, is it possible not to include the invoice? We generally never include an invoice in the delivery box, only a delivery note which indicates the customer's information as well as a possible personalized message.

        Are there beers in cans?
        Beercrush Advent calendars contain almost only bottles with the exception of a few beers packaged in cans. These are very fashionable with new artisanal microbreweries. Although beer cans have a bad reputation because of those found on the supermarket shelves, the can is the best packaging for craft beer.

        Can I purchase multiple calendars at the same time?
        With pleasure :) You can buy several beer calendars to be delivered to the same address within the same order. If you have several delivery addresses, simply place an order per destination address. Shipping costs are paid individually for each calendar regardless of the calendar's delivery address. We send all calendars at the same time and they generally arrive at the same time, although the post office sometimes has surprises in store for us.

        What happens if my calendar is delivered damaged?
        A damaged calendar is really bad luck because 99.5% of our boxes arrive intact. We return any broken beer at our expense to Belgium, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany. For other countries, we refund €5 per beer unless it costs less to return the beers (depending on shipping costs).

        Does the calendar only contain 33cl beers?

        33cl bottles are the most common format among craft beers. Almost all the beers on the calendar are 33cl. There may be exceptions with certain calendars where you will find a few 25 cl beers or one 50 cl beer.

        Are the calendars delivered to relay points?
        Delivery to a relay point is available for certain countries.

        Is it possible to know the beers on the calendar in advance?
        Our beer selection is accessible to everyone while allowing for great discoveries. It is possible to receive the list of the Belgian beer calendar by email.

        I would like to purchase several calendars for a company
        It is possible to obtain a quote by email via . Depending on the quantity ordered, we can negotiate appropriate delivery costs with the carriers.

        Is it possible to choose the delivery date?
        Unfortunately our order system does not allow us to manage this type of automatic scenario. You can send us an email to and we will send you a reminder by email so that you can place the order at the desired time.

        Who should I give a calendar to?
        Did your parents give me an advent calendar filled with chocolate when you were a child? Take a trip back in time with an advent calendar filled with craft beers. There's nothing wrong with giving it to yourself, but you can also give it to the person in your life, a friend or a family member.

        How it works?
        Every morning, open the box of the day, collect the beer of the day (without looking) and slide it into the fridge where your beer of the day awaits you until you return at the end of the day. You don't live alone? Even better, you can count on an accomplice to refresh your craft beer.

        Each year, we carefully select 24 different beers for our different Advent calendars. At beercrush, we're not a big fan of calendars with beers from all over the world. We prefer local craft beers. But “local” for whom? With our 4 different advent calendars, there will be local beers for everyone.

        A calendar for simple amateurs and enthusiasts
        The person who will have the joy of enjoying a beer from the Advent calendar every evening will find what they are looking for, whether they have classic tastes or are looking for unknown beers. Accessibility and discovery are in fact the two main criteria for selecting our Advent calendar beers.

        What styles of beers?
        The beers that you will find in our beer advent calendars are representative of the diversity of beer styles appreciated by the majority of beer lovers. Widespread styles accompanied by more exotic styles without ever going to extremes. So our Advent calendars contain a lot of lager beers, often hoppy without ever burning the throat of the person drinking. There are also milder beers like a triple, a saison or a white. There are also some limited copies of dark or sour beers. These more exotic beers are selected to introduce this style to the person who discovers it while seducing the connoisseur.

        Which breweries?
        Our selection of Advent calendar beers offers as many different breweries as possible. There are large family breweries that everyone knows but also the pioneer breweries of the wave of artisanal revival. We also try as much as possible to include some innovative breweries that have just opened their doors recently.

        What does the advent calendar look like?
        Our Advent calendar is packaged in a rectangular box made up of 4 rows of 6 beers each. Each beer is separated by a protective cardboard and the case has a double wall on the bottom and bottom to ensure that the calendar arrives intact.

        Belgian beer advent calendar 2023 beercrush

        How to choose your beer advent calendar?
        There are several choice criteria for selecting your beer advent calendar. The main criteria are the price, the type of beer, the packaging and the seller, whether a brewery or a beer merchant.

        How much does a beer advent calendar cost?
        The majority of Advent calendars cost between €69 and €80 with special beer geek calendars which can go up to €125 when they contain 24 44cl cans of American microbrews. In recent years, it is possible to find beer advent calendars in supermarkets for 30-40 euros but be careful, these generally contain Leffe and lots of cheap industrial beers without much taste interest.

        The different types of beer advent calendar
        The first difference is the geographical origin of the beers. Some advent calendars specialize in beers from around the world or Europe while other calendars like the beercrush advent calendar are dedicated to local beers, from a country or region.

        The second difference is the number of breweries included in the beer calendar. The calendars offered by beer stores generally offer as many different breweries as possible while many breweries offer their own Advent calendar which easily contains 50% of beers from their brewery.

        Less common, we also find calendars made from 100% cans, 100% IPA or 100% dark beers.

        We can also differentiate beer advent calendars between those which offer tasting sheets and those which let the taster make up their own mind.

        Finally, we can mention the tailor-made advent calendars which allow maximum personalization of the calendar. Personalized beer advent calendars are generally offered by wine merchants who choose according to your criteria or who simply package your purchases in an advent calendar box. It is also possible to purchase a personalized advent calendar online via beercrush. With beercrush, you choose the 24 beers in the calendar and add the calendar packaging to your basket.

            Find the beers of Beer Advent Calendar collection in one of our beer subscriptions