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      Belgian Blonde Beer

      Blonde beer (or Belgian Blond) is a style that comes from Belgium and more precisely from abbey breweries. In fact, many beer styles derive from or are similar to Belgian lager.

      A good example is ‘Golden Ale’. This English style, which probably appeared in ecclesiastical circles, dates from the same period.

      Blonde beers rarely exceed 7% and derive their aromas from the malts used and the spices added.

      In fact ; hops do not have much room to express themselves as they are weakly present and the composition of the recipe prevents them from revealing their aromas. Its main purpose is to improve the conservation of beer.

      This style is historically the beer of the common people. The categorization of abbey beers in the past is linked to the consumers of the time.

      It should not be confused with table beer, which was reserved for monks. The simple blonde was still very different from the blondes we know today. The beer was hop-free, heavily sweetened, and must have flavors of sweet bread like cramique.

      Over time, in the 19th century, hops made their appearance and the class struggle caused this appellation to fall into oblivion to make way for the abbey blonde as we know it today.

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