Faro beer

      3 products

      3 products

      Beer Boon Faro 5% Boon | Faro
      Belgique Bouteille Brabant Flamand Douce
      Faro Boon is a spontaneous fermentation beer for which "meertsbier" and old Lambic are mixed. The candy sugar gives it a delicate but very present sweet taste.
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      Beer Lindemans Faro 4.5% Lindemans | Faro
      Belgique Bouteille Brabant Wallon Douce
      This Belgian red beer is soft and sweet, due to its preparation with lambic, a spontaneous fermentation type beer, to which sugar is added during fermentation.
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      Faro Lambicus 4% 24x25cl Timmermans | Faro
      Belgique Bouteille Léger en Alcool

      La bière belge Faro Lambicus de la brasserie Timmermans est une Faro de 4%. Fondée en 1702 à Itterbeek, cette brasserie est la plus ancienne de la région de Bruxelles. Parmi les bières les plus connues, on trouve la Timmermans Kriek et la Timmermans Framboise. Les bières Timmermans appartiennent aujourd'hui au groupe John Martin.

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      Faro beer

      Faro beer is a mix of lambic and caramel syrup. Lambic is a non-fizzy drink, but adding sugar can add bubbles if it ferments.

      Historically lambic was served on a barrel in the cafes of the capital. The drink was often very acidic and was served in a long glass with a bowl of cane sugar and a swizzle stick called ‘stoemper’. It made it possible to crumble the sugar at the bottom of the glass and soften the beverage.

      This is how Faro was born. Today it is rather difficult to find Faros without the addition of carbon dioxide or chemical additives. Only the Lindemans Faro remains famous, even if other breweries also produce it.

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