Smoked Beer

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7 products

Beer Charbon 7% Korenaar | Fumée
Anvers Belgique Bouteille

A classic dry stout with 7% alcohol, brewed with smoked wheat malt and flavored with fresh vanilla.

Charbon is a contrasting beer: the roasted flavors combine with the smoky flavor of oak-smoked wheat malt to give the beer a healthy dose of spice. Charbon goes well with soft cheeses.

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Beer La Chasseur Ardennais 5.4% Bieres de Quartier | Fumée
Belgique Bouteille Bruxelles
The smoked beer of the Chasseurs Ardennais will surprise you. The Chasseur Ardennais is a dark beer in which a few maple woodchips have been left to marinate in the sacred juice.
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Beer Bravoure 6.5% Korenaar | Fumée
Anvers Belgique Bouteille

Smoky and caramel notes.

Bravery derives its smoky taste from the use of a large dose of "Bambergse Rauchmalz" smoked over beech wood. Its nuanced smoky notes blend perfectly with the slightly sweet caramelized notes of "Cara-Munich malt". This results in a balanced smoky beer with a subtle caramel taste. Ideal with smoked meats and the barbecue.

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Beer Triomf 6% Dupont | Fumée
Belgique Bouteille Hainaut

Triomf is a lightly smoked bitter beer brewed for the centenary of the Gantois Vooruit art center.

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Beer Fumette 6.5% Millevertus | Fumée
Belgique Bouteille Luxembourg
Malty and smoked amber beer. Smoky nose, amber color, little bitterness. The smoky taste coats the mouth in delicacy. After 2-3 sips, the smoky sensation gives way to a malty taste.
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Beer Viven Smoked Porter 7% Viven | Fumée
Belgique Bouteille Flandre Orientale Porter
Aromas of smoked nuts and liquor. A mocha nose with hints of peat and leather. Dominant smoky malts complemented by American bitter hops.
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Cornet Smoked 8.5% 24x33cl Palm | Fumée
Belgique Bouteille Très fort en Alcool

La bière belge Cornet Smoked de la brasserie Palm est une bière fumée avec un taux d'alcool de 8.5%. La brasserie Palm, située en Belgique, est connue pour ses bières telles que Rodenbach et Brugge Tripel.

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Smoked Beer

Smoked beers get their smoky taste from the malt used during brewing.

Indeed, there are hundreds of methods to malt cereals. Among these, one of them is parboiling followed by smoking.

Other processes make it possible to obtain flavors such as peat, burnt wood and even manure. Smoked beers are very popular in Bavaria where they have been brewed for over six centuries. Even if other countries also brew it.

Smoked beers are usually amber or brown, and they are quite light, between three and six percent maximum alcohol.

The first time you taste a smoked beer, you often think of bacon but you quickly discover the details of the style over the course of the tastings.

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