Brewery Verstraete

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      Beer Papegaei 8% Verstraete | Blonde
      Belgique Bouteille Flandre Orientale

      Brewed with whole hop flowers, the cereals reveal their charms.

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      Brewery Verstraete

      The Verstraete brewery is a special brewery because it offers only one beer, the Papegaei, and this one is brewed in another brewery, the DECA brewery where the beers of the Struise brewery are also brewed.

      The founder, Mr. Vestraete, is a beer lover who decided to make his own beer using ancestral methods. After making several test brews, he arrived at a recipe that he liked.

      The same year, he participated as a festival-goer in several beer festivals. He tasted his beer with the brewers present and Urbain, owner of DECA Struisse, offered to brew his beer at home.

      And since Papegaei was born, it has been brewed with freshly dried hop flowers, which wonderfully reveals the aromas of hops.

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