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      Brewery Toccalmatto

      Toccalmatto was founded in 2008 by Bruno Carilli in Fidenza, a small village in northern Italy.

      The fundamentals of brewing are simple. Bruno traveled around Europe to visit breweries, exchange, share and learn about the different European brewing styles, with the firm intention of combining this knowledge. Finally, Toccalmatto is almost a brewing instruction center that was born in the small village.

      The diversity of products is a bit puzzling, given that if you name a style, chances are Toccalmatto has produced a beer that matches it. A true adventurous brewer, he has also helped many young people get into business. Like a patron, the Italian brewing landscape would not be so vast and important.

      Recently, it joined forces with the brewery 28 (Caulier) in Belgium to distribute production between the two countries, Belgium being its first export country. This merger did not please everyone, but the result is there. Toccalmatto beers are present on our market and the recipes have hardly changed.

      As said before, the styles are many; IPA, Porter, Stout, grape ale, golden ale, pale ale, doubles, barley wine, old ale, triple or brut ipa. It would almost make you dizzy with so much choice.

      The most surprising thing is that when a brewer produces so many different beers, the risk of error is increased tenfold, but Bruno knew how to take his time to balance the majority of his recipes.

      A true pioneer of modern breweries, we owe him a lot.

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