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      Beer Abt 12 10% Sint-Bernardus | Quadruple
      Belgique Bouteille Flandre Orientale Noire

      Double of the famous Westvleteren 12.

      It is the star beer of the Sint-Bernardus brewery. The beer's recipe dates back to 1946, and the result is a dark beer with an ivory-coloured head. It is a top-fermented beer.

      The ingredients of the beer are water, sugar, rye malt, yeast and hops from Sint-Bernardus's own hop field. 

      On the nose, you have a fruity aroma. This aroma is due to the Sint-Bernardus brewery's own specific yeast. On the mouth, you can notice a good balance of bitter and sweet. Even the finish is long bittersweet. The Abt 12 has notes of caramel, chocolate and roasted malt. 

      The Abt 12 is also one of the strongest beers from the brewery, with a 10% alcohol level. 

      The beer used to have a different name and was called Sixtus. That was because the brewery used to brew for Abbaye of Westvleteren.

      The beer has also won several awards and even has gained recognition as far as in Australia. 

      Sint Bernardus Abt 12 is also one of the strongest beers in Belgium.

      Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Sint Bernardus Abt 12 beer:

      • Where is St Bernardus Abt 12 Brewed?

      The brewery that brews Abt 12 is located in Watou, Belgium. Sint Bernardus brewery also brews other fantastic beers like the Prior and Tripel. 

      • What does Abt stand for?

      So what does the beer name Abt 12 mean? Abt is the strongest beer made by a monastery. It is to honour the high priest known as the Abbot. 

      • What is a quadrupel beer? 

      A quadrupel beer is a strong dark Belgian style beer. It is the combination of the flavour profile of a dubbel beer and the strength of a triple beer. 


      • What other beer is similar to Sint Bernardus Abt 12 beer?

      If you like this specific beer, you also might like the Westvleteren 12. These two beers are often compared to each other. Val-Dieu Grand Cru is also a good option. 

      Look at all the other quadrupel style beers to find a good alternative.

      • How do you serve Sint Bernardus Abt 12 beer?

      The best serving temperature for the beer is between 8 to 14 degrees Celsius. And, of course, you need to use the appropriate beer glass. For Abt 12, there is a traditional Sint Bernardus chalice. 

      • What is the best food to pair with Sint Bernardus Abt 12 beer?

      It is a great beer next to stews. The beer also goes well next to cheese platters, especially strong cheeses like the blue cheese. And surprisingly, you can enjoy chocolate with this beer. 


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      Prior 8 Beer 8% Sint-Bernardus | Double
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      Beer Tripel 8% Sint-Bernardus | Triple
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      Brewery Sint-Bernardus

      Originally called 'St. Sixtius’, the St. Bernardus brewery was born in 1946 at the request of Trappist monks to make Westvleteren.

      A protected production contract is signed for a period of thirty years. Everything went well at first and in 1962, the monks decided to renew the contract while they finished their brewery within the abbey.

      It was in 1992 when relations became strained. The Trappist monks recover their production but the master brewer refuses to dismantle his brewery. A legal war then ensued, ending with the fact that ‘St. Sixtius’ can continue to brew but no longer has the Trappist label and must also change the name of the brewery.

      The two neighboring breweries no longer speak to each other but still live on the same street, and the St. Bernardus beers are in fact the authentic recipes of the Westvleteren.

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