Brewery Rulles

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      Beer La Grande 10 10% Rulles | Blonde
      Belgique Bouteille Luxembourg
      Robust despite the use of a single variety of malt and two hops, it warms and excites our taste buds. Digestive, ample and robust, with a gourmet finish (candied and dried fruit notes).
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      Brewery Rulles

      The Rulles brewery is located in the village of the same name. It is in this small village in the south of the province of Luxembourg that the famous grammarian Maurice Grevisse was also born.

      As a result, this is also where Greg built his brewery in 2001. He started with Rulles blond and the success was immediate. The triple and the brunette followed right after and the region loves what he does.

      Fermentation takes place in open vats which allows the yeast to express themselves more. Concretely, it gives body to the beer without having to have a lot of alcohol. It is also with this fermentation method that the Rulles Estivale was launched, which will become the best-selling beer of the Rulles brewery, and this still today.

      Today it has been going on for twenty years and it is not about to stop. Recently Greg built a new wing at the brewery which allows him to do bottom fermentation. The Rulles Pils appears just after and it doubles the production at the same time.

      Every year there is a big open house party with concerts, go there if you have never been there.

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