Brewery Rochefort

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4 products

Beer Trappiste Rochefort 8 9.2% Rochefort | Brune
Belgique Bouteille Namur

Sweet and spicy brown.

Originally called the special, it is less spicy than its little sister the Rochefort 6 and tends more towards this café au lait side which is even more pronounced in its big sister the Rochefort 10.

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Beer Rochefort Triple Extra 8.1% Rochefort | Triple
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Namur
Sweet and full-bodied like the classic 6, 8 and 10 from Rochefort, the Triple Extra is distinguished by its golden blonde color, citrus notes and spicy fragrance. This subtle blend of tradition and know-how results in a refreshing beer that will delight the palate of beer lovers.
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Beer Trappistes Rochefort 6 7.5% Rochefort | Double
Belgique Bouteille Brune Namur

Less spicy but easier to drink than other Rocheforts. The spicy aromas are therefore more noticeable.

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Beer Trappiste Rochefort 10 11.3% Rochefort | Quadruple
Belgique Bouteille Namur Noire

Its soft character is compensated by a greater carbonization which gives it a denser foam than Rocheforts 6 and Rochefort 8.

The predominance of this café au lait taste erases the spices used during the brewing.

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Brewery Rochefort

The Rochefort beer brewery was founded in 1230. The Notre Dame de Saint-Remy abbey experienced several phases of activity and it was not yet brewed there at that time.

It experienced several lootings, fires and partial destruction over the past centuries. Its location at a crossroads during the Middle Ages made it an easy target for brigands.

It was not until 1887 that the monks of the Abbey of Achel reinvested the premises, and installed the Cistercian order in Rochefort. Only since the beginning of the 20th century that beer and cheese are produced in Saint-Rémy. Although the first years were complicated from 1900 the production became important.

In 1952, the modernization of the brewery means that the activity of the community will be more concentrated around beer. In 1970, cheese production was abandoned.

The water used for brewing Rochefort beers comes from the Tridaine spring. This has recently been in danger. A quarry wishes to expand and this could damage the water table of the source. So far the local authorities have fortunately banned this project.

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