Brewery Piggy

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2 products

Eroica Beer 6.1% Piggy | IPA
Bouteille Edition Limitée
NEIPA with Ekuanot, Mosaic, Citra cryo, Cascade and Simcoe hoods.
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Beer 630 Express 8% Piggy | IPA
Canette Edition Limitée

Double NEIPA

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Brewery Piggy

Piggy Brewing is one of the best French craft breweries in the big hop segment.

After 7 years during which Pierrot & Romain deepened the hectic life of amateur brewers, things accelerated in 2018 when they were joined by Lorenzo & Thibaud with whom they launched the activity as professionals. They then brew at their future neighbors at Hoppy Road who also brew in the Nancy suburb of Maxéville and whose reputation is also unequivocal.

In 2019, they see things big with the installation of tanks in a 1300 square meter warehouse. They plan to produce 1800 hectoliters in the first year.

Unfortunately for the 6000 inhabitants of Liverdun, they do not fully benefit from these 30 liters per year and per inhabitant because the reputation of Piggy Brewing is national. It even spills over into neighboring countries.

Their reputation is built on their beers but also the pig culture, a pig where everyone is called fat. A jovial, epicurean world where a day is successful if you have had the opportunity to share a good beer with friends. Each label notably illustrates the adventures of a famous pig, symbol of the brewery.

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