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      Brewery No Science

      The No Science brewery was born next to the Tour & Taxi site in Brussels.

      It is the first Brussels brasserie to settle in this district, as many will follow in its footsteps: En Stoemelings, La Source and recently the brasserie de la Senne.

      The brewer Maxime has a career as atypical as it is eclectic. He was a teacher, lumberjack and bartender. It was during the HoReCa period that he went to brew at Carlos of the Ales Agullons brewery in Spain. The click was immediate, on returning Max bought a small system to brew at home.

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      A few years later he moved to GreenBiz to found the No Science brewery. His beers are English style with a malt work that feels good in the beer with a balanced dose of hops so that all the ingredients can express themselves.

      Max works at the No Science brewery alone, only a few friends come to help him from time to time. The manufacturing process is a bit old fashioned. Unlike the majority of new wave breweries, the brews are in open tanks which allows you to see what you are doing.

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      Another characteristic of the No Science brewery is that its beers are not expensive, in fact, it is even the cheapest in Brussels (except maybe the Senne brewery). But this does not detract from the quality of its products. He mainly makes pale ale but also has a porter and an imperial stout that will blow your mind.

      The No Science brasserie also does aperitifs on Fridays, where everyone is welcome.

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