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      Brewery Nectar Boheme

      Nectar Bohème was born in 2018 in the small village of Pottes in the province of Hainaut. This is a very small brewery, the annual production not exceeding 400 Hl. Its particularity is to work as naturally as possible, no filtration, no pasteurization and local ingredients.

      It took them two and a half years to build what they wanted, there is no point in rushing when you manage to make beers of this quality.

      Beer is a mode of expression here, brewing the old-fashioned way also takes more time. These are local beers that were born from encounters over time. The goal is not necessarily to innovate but to transmit the ancestral know-how of how beers were made before.

      In addition, a guard after brewing, which is a little longer than normal in order to release all the aromas of the raw materials.

      But also the fact of working only with local products, also influences the taste of the beer. From one season to another, beers can vary in taste depending on the climate of the past year.

      The Nectar Bohème brewery only has four beers, but given the quantity produced per year, it's already huge. There is no doubt that the brewery will develop over the years, and that it will become an essential place in the Belgian beer landscape.

      The place is ideal for walks on the Hénunier plateau, surrounded by countryside and farms, it is one of the last places exempt from concrete and civilization in Belgium.

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