Brewery Lupulus

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4 products

Beer Lupulus Hopera 6% Lupulus | Blonde
Belgique Bouteille En stock Luxembourg preorder

Pale ale well balanced between bitterness and sweetness.

The addition of hops is very controlled and this is what makes the bitterness moderate.

Lupulus thus creates a lighter beer than its big sisters with a slightly more present hopping than on the rest of the range.

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Beer Organicus 8.5% Lupulus | Triple
Belgique Blonde Bouteille En stock Luxembourg preorder

Slightly more floral organic version than the Lupulus with the same alcohol content.

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Beer Lupulus Hibernatus 9.5% Lupulus | Noël
Belgique Bouteille Luxembourg preorder Sur commande (Min 6)

Strong dark beer spiced with cinnamon.

The pronounced taste of roasted malts is counterbalanced by this addition of cinnamon.

It is a link between classic brown abbey beers and Christmas beers.

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Beer Lupulus Blanche 4.5% Lupulus | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Luxembourg preorder Sur commande (Min 6)
This wheat ale is yellow in color with a large white head. The aromas are malty thanks to wheat, hopped with the fruitiness of citrus fruits. There are also notes of yeast, grass, flowers, coriander and orange peel. The taste is slightly sweet, hoppy, fruity with a refreshing, bitter finish.
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Brewery Lupulus

The Lupulus brewery was born in 2004 in a small Ardennes farm from the 19th century in the small village of Gouvy. Basically, Lupulus beer is produced only to supply the local bistro.

In 2007, they decided to develop the activity and this only by conditioning the craft beer in Champagne bottles of 75 cl.

Lupulus beers are traditional beers but with an update of new brewing techniques. The brewery produced an additional beer, a dark one, in order to offer beers and could claim to have a catalog.

In 2013, the range widened significantly and the formats diversified. From this moment the beers will also be sold in 33 cl bottles. The maneuver was very clever, sales exploded with the new range and the brewery is now well known to all craft beer lovers.

The wolf is the symbol of the Lupulus brewery, it is found on all the labels of the brewery, it is also a drawing by Servais, famous cartoonist of the region.

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