Brewery La Binchoise

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      Brewery La Binchoise

      The brewing activity at Faubourg Saint-Paul in Binche began in 1836 with André Pourbaix.

      The location is ideal, between the malting plant backing onto the city ramparts and the Samme. It is therefore possible to exploit the river networks of the region.

      In the town of Binche, there are already several breweries. André's father worked in one of them. Unfortunately in 1850 a flood destroyed many buildings along the Samme, and shortly after, in 1871, the brewery was bought by Jules Paternotte.

      Jules then revives the malting and builds a mill next to the brewery. He relaunched the brewery and added English-style beers to the lineup. He also won a medal at the Universal Exhibition of 1887.

      In 1928, the brewery was reduced to ashes during a fire and the city bought the land.

      It was in 1986 that the Binchoise brewery as we know it was born. André Graux revives the activity.

      This brewery, which has known ups and downs, still exists and in the same place steeped in history. Storage and packaging have been relocated to the edge of Binche. They now brew 10,000 hectoliters a year and are present in more than 25 countries

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