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      Brewery Hoppy Road

      Hoppy Road is a renowned microbrewery in the East of France, close to Nancy.

      Charles, Julien and Lucas are the 3 friends whose talent as amateur brewers was revealed during Paris Beer Week 2015. Since then, their talent has been recognized by many amateurs who eagerly await their new creations.

      And we can say that they are rarely disappointed. Because if the name "Hoppy Road" underlines the importance of hops in their recipes, it is indeed all the roads and all the styles of beer that are explored by our 3 companions.

      Alongside the brewery's 4 permanent beers, Hoppy Road produces a multitude of limited edition beers, some of which are found in 2 major themes or series.

      Namely the "Trippin" series dedicated to Triple NEIPA and the Pastry Gode Series dedicated to vanilla fruity acid beers.

      Hoppy Road has also navigated this difficult period of COVID by brewing beers such as large stouts and sour beers with a view to aging them in barrels.

      We had the chance to meet them twice in festivals at the BxlBeerFest and the BAL and I can tell you that we have never been disappointed. This reputation has also been confirmed by our peers with the election by the specialized magazine Quaff of the Hoppy Road brewery as the best French craft brewery for the year 2021.

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