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      Brewery Hof ten Dormaal

      Hof ten Dormaal brouwerij was born in 2009 in the hinterland of the city of Leuven in Tildonk. A real family farm, it is located in the middle of the fields.

      It is a very autonomous brewery since it produces its hops, its malt and it has direct access to a source.

      His first beer is a white farmhouse beer with chicory, which gives a bitter vegetable sensation in the mouth. 

      Since then, around fifteen beers have been added to the Hof ten Dormaal range, in particular a series of acidic beers as successful as they are original.

      A few years ago, a fire destroyed the entire brewery, fortunately the disaster was brought under control, thus saving the rest of the agricultural installations and the buildings of the farm.

      After this event the father of the family decided to organize a festival in Leuven (Leuven Innovation Beer Festival) in order to refinance a new brewery. It was a complete success. This festival still exists today, it takes place in the historic buildings of the Stella brewery (De Hoorn).

      It is also at this time that the series of acid beers (Zure van Tildonk) was available in several versions.

      The Hof ten Dormaal family received support from many brewers who came to the festival. In particular, barrels and partnership proposals with various players in the food sector followed.

      The brasserie has a refreshment bar which is easily accessible by bike, being located in the east of Brussels with a slightly hilly landscape, it is a nice ride through the flat country.

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