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      Brewery Het Anker

      Based in Mechelen between the Vaart (Canal Louvain-Dyle) and La Dyle, the Het Anker brewery is a magical place for beer lovers.

      There is no doubt that the het Anker brewery is one of the oldest brewing activities in Belgium and probably the oldest. Some writings relate a beer trading activity in this place dating back to the year 1100.

      That said, the current owners of het Anker have never claimed that it was their brewery.

      But what is magical is how this place steeped in history has been able to evolve and transform with the times since the 15th century, while remaining the place of production of beers.

      Over time, the Hospice du Beguinage has seen several outstanding figures in history. Since 1872, the Van Breedam family has owned the buildings.

      Today a distillery has been added, as well as a three-star hotel and all this next to an extraordinary brewery combining old and modern equipment.

      Their flagship beer is without hesitation the Carolus Classique, a dark beer with character with a big spicy sweetness. They have also declined it in a barrel version to age: La Cuvée van de Keizer (understand Cuvée de l'Empereur). This is brewed in homage to Charles the Bold who exempted the Beguinage from all tax collection in 1471.

      A beer for all abbey brown lovers.

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