Brewery Fagnes

      3 products

      3 products

      Beer Fagnes Triple 9% Fagnes | Triple
      Belgique Blonde Bouteille Namur
      Triple beer with a beautiful coppery color and a fruity banana taste. It is mainly composed of water, malt, Czech and German hops, spices (coriander, orange peel and liquorice) and high fermentation yeast.
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      Beer Fagnes Blond 7.5% Fagnes | Blonde
      Belgique Bouteille Namur

      Brewed with coriander, liquorice and orange peel, it is nevertheless not too sweet but rather mild.

      It is one of the flagship beers of the Fagnes brewery, it was called the super des Fagnes not so long ago.

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      Beer Fagnes Brune 7.5% Fagnes | Double
      Belgique Bouteille Brune Namur

      Aromas of red fruits and caramel even if there is no added red fruit.

      Ideal during the winter, it is similar to a Christmas beer.

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      Brewery Fagnes

      The Fagnes brewery has existed since 1977, but brewing activity on the site dates back to 1858.

      The current Fagnes brewery was then called the Degauquier brewery and four generations succeeded each other in its vats. The know-how is therefore there and the ancestral methods known.

      The Fagnes brewery offers tours and there is a way to taste the beers directly from the fermenters. The visit also includes the facilities of the old brewery which has remained as it was since it was shut down.

      Since modernization, the Fagnes brewery has never stopped expanding its range, which today consists of twelve different beers.

      She has also participated in many projects in the region, such as the 'Chevetogne' beer for the Namur park of the same name, which is very well known in the region.

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