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      Brewery En Stoemelings

      En Stoemelings was founded in 2011 in the Marolles district of Brussels.

      Installed in a lost and impractical space, near the Tanners market, the premises were very quickly too small for the success that these two Brussels residents had.

      Soon after, they moved next to the Tour & Taxi site, in the GreenBiz complex. They join the No Science brewery there, which is on the same site. They often share their materials and knowledge to help or spoof each other depending on the mood of the day.

      The two founders of the En Stoemelings brewery are fans of their city and of the Union Saint-Gilloise team, and they make it known in various ways (all the names of their beers are related to the culture of the capital , the interior of the brewery is colorful with the colors of the Union Saint-Gilloise, etc.)

      En Stoemelings makes more Belgian-style beers (white, triple, blond) but also some beers that are out of the ordinary. They also participated in the Bières de Quartier project, for which they brew a few references.

      Today the En Stoemelings brewery has five employees, in addition to the two founders. Their beers can be found in all good chip shops and they can be found in specialist bars in Brussels. In Stoemelings also manages to support culture and during the Covid period, they dedicated part of their profit to the Saint Pierre hospital in the city center.

      This brewery therefore represents the ‘Brusseleir’ spirit well, whether in their name, the names of the beers, their philosophy and the actions they launch.

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