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      Beer Bush 12% Dubuisson | Blonde
      Belgique Bouteille Hainaut
      Bush is a filtered, top-fermented beer made from malt, hops, natural sugars, water from the brewery's underground spring, and proprietary house yeast. The bittersweet taste of this beer, its soft taste structure and its characteristic amber color are due to the caramel malts used.
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      Brewery Dubuisson

      The Dubuisson brewery has existed since 1769 and is still today a 100% independent and family brewery. At the beginning it was more a farm than a brewery and the production of beer was reserved for the workers of the place. It was not until 1931 that the farm was radically transformed to abandon agricultural activity and devote itself solely to brewing. 

      In 1933, Alfred Dubuisson (5th generation) brews a beer that will be the symbol of the brewery until today, Bush Beer. The name of the beer being a literal translation of bush beer in English. The style is moreover English but the alcohol level shows that it is beer is also Belgian.

      In the 90s, it was Hugues Dubuisson who once again relaunched the brewery with an expansion of the range with the Bush de Noël and with the years others appeared to complete, including the famous Bush de Nuits which remains the best beer. of the brewery today.

      And to finish in 2013, the brewery was further enlarged with a new brewing hall which has a production capacity of 100,000 HL per year, enough to double the production of the time. The work is also intended to be sustainable, with an eco-built warehouse topped with a roof of solar panels.

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