Brasserie DOK

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      1 product

      Beer 13 Artisanale Pils 4% DOK | Pils
      Belgique Blonde Bouteille Flandre Occidentale

      One of the best Belgian pilsners (if not the best) created with Belgian hops, it is unfiltered and unpasteurized in accordance with ancestral recipes.

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      Brasserie DOK

      Dok is a new brewery established in Ghent.

      Located in Dok Noord (a former merchant port undergoing real estate conversion), the Dok brewery is part of a city program to revitalize this part of Ghent which has been abandoned for a little too long.

      The three founders were already working in the world of beer. Dimitri is the brewer for the Ministry of Beer and the other two had worked in breweries before.

      It is in a huge exposed brick hangar that the brewery has taken up residence. The space is not lacking and the founders will put the budget there. In the hangar is installed the brewery but also a restaurant, a taproom, meeting rooms, a bookstore and all this overlooks a park at the back of the building.

      The place of the Dok brewery is beautiful and every year they organize a festival there at the beginning of the big holidays, it is the perfect time for a small visit to Ghent.

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