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      Brewery La Debauche

      La Débauche is one of the pioneering breweries and one of the references of the craft revival made in France. Its range of beers is endless and the recognition of the brewery is international.

      Debauchery beers cover every style imaginable, be it hoppy beers, dark beers, sour beers or barrel-aged beers.

      The design of the labels is also particularly studied with the collaboration of tattoo artists and even cartoonists who do not hesitate to make their contributions to the brewery which makes Angoulème shine in the world of craft beer.

      Aurélien and Eglantine are the founding couple of the brewery whose story began in 2013 after several years spent selling amateur brews.

      5 years later, they moved to their current premises along the railway line. The place is truly iconic with its large drawn frescoes but especially the huge fermentation tanks that are outside the open-air building.

      It is possible to taste the Debauchery beers on site at the front of the street while contemplating these enigmatic fermentation tanks.

      Today, the brewery is one of the most active craft breweries in France with more than 175 different beers brewed in 8 years and an annual production of 8000 hectoliters per year.

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