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Beer Delta Ipa 6.5% Brussels Beer Project | IPA
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Delta IPA is a Belgian IPA because the brewers use a saison yeast, a typically Belgian style of beer. It is not a usual IPA with a little bit of spiciness and thirst-quenching bitterness.

The Brussels Beer Project brewery was founded in 2013, and Delta IPA was their first beer, also created in 2013. This was back when IPA beers were not so known in Belgium. The brewery is very involved with the community, and also you can see Delta IPA reflects Brussels. Brussels is a multicultural city, so the taste of Delta IPA is reflecting different brewing cultures. 

When you first pour Delta IPA into your glass, you notice a golden body with a mix of honey and orange colours. You’ll see very few bubbles but a big white head. 

On the nose, it gives aromas of pine, citrus and tropical fruits. But, it is not a surprise that hop aromas dominate over others. 
We find in the mouth notes of lychees and passion fruit brought by hops. You can also notice the flavours of oranges, limes, and bitter notes of hop. It has a fine aftertaste with a bitter finish. Despite the strong taste, it remains a good level of acidity. 

Want to know more about Delta IPA beer? See the most frequently asked questions and find your answers:

  • Where is the Brussels Beer Project brewery?

Brussels Beer Project, which brews Delta IPA beer, is located in the centre of Brussels. It is in an area called Dansaert that is close to the canal of Brussels. It is not far from the MIMA museum or the Saint Catherine church. Another well known Brussels brewery, the Surrealiste, is nearby. In their brewery, they also have a taproom and welcome anyone for beer degustation. 

Brussels Beer Project also has its bar, BBP Bailli, where they have thirty beers on tap, and you can have tasty pizzas next to the beer. The BBP Bailli is located in the Chatelain neighbourhood and close to the most known avenue of Brussels, Avenue Louise. The BBP Bailli is also one of the best beer bars in Brussels


  • What are the ingredients of Delta IPA beer?

The Delta IPA consists of barley malt, hops, and seasonal yeast. The malt is 100% Belgian. The hops used are Citra and Smaragd hops.

  • What other beers are similar to Delta IPA? 

Try also the Brussels Beer Projects dark IPA called Dark Sister. Otherwise, head to our IPA beer collection. There are plenty of choices!

  • What kind of food goes well next to Delta IPA beer?

If you are looking for beer and food pairing suggestions, then luckily, Delta IPA can go well with many dishes. It is good with pasta and pizzas, next to a barbecue or any vegetarian meal. Also, you can drink Delta IPA next to appetisers or light cheese platters. Even salads are good to pair with Delta IPA.

  • How to serve Delta IPA beer?

Delta IPA comes in a beer bottle but is also available in a can. Once you open the bottle or can, you should slowly pour it into your beer glass. The Brussels Beer Project brewery has its own beer glasses available. They come in three styles: Teku, Hazy or Conical. For Delta IPA, the Teku beer glass is best. The Teku beer glass, designed by an Italian, is perfect for beer tasting. The ideal temperature to serve Delta IPA is 8 degrees celsius. 

  • Does Delta IPA contain gluten?

Yes. If you are looking for a gluten-free beer, check the collection of brewery 28. They have many gluten-free beers available. 

  • How much bitterness is there in Delta IPA?

To measure bitterness, we use the International Bitterness Unit, the IBU. Delta IPA has an IBU of 45. For reference, most beers fall in a range between 15 to 80 IBU.


  • What are the other beers by the Brussels Beer Project? 

Since their first beer, Delta IPA, was so successful, Brussels Beer Project kept on creating amazing beers. You might also like Juice Junky, Grosse Bertha, Wunderlager or their alcohol-free beer, Pico Bello. 


delta IPA
Photo by Brussels Beer Project.

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Beer Grosse Bertha 7% Brussels Beer Project | Hefeweizen
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Grosse Bertha is halfway between a Hefeweisse and a triple because its 7% alcohol content is much higher than the usual 4-5%. 

The colour of the beer is yellow and misty with low carbonation and fine foam. 

On the nose, you can notice aromas of citrus, spices, yeast, coriander and wheat. The German yeast also gives it the aromas of banana and clove. 

On the mouth, you can taste bananas, fruits, spices, yeast and malt. The beer has a slightly bitter finish. 

Grosse Bertha was the winner of the 2014 prototype challenge. Brussels Beer Project proposed four wheat beers and 31% of Brussels beer lovers voted this beer to be the best. 

Grosse Bertha became a successful beer due to its low hoppiness but high alcohol level. Thus, it is loved by both amateurs and beer experts. 

What else is there to know about Grosse Bertha beer?

  • Where did the Grosse Bertha beer name come from?

The Grosse Bertha was a very large siege artillery used by the German army during the First World War. A German name was chosen because a German beer style, Hefeweizen, the recipe was used to make this beer. The name in German is Dicke Bertha.

  • What are the ingredients of Grosse Bertha beer?

Grosse Bertha beer contains barley and wheat malt, hops, yeast and, of course, water. 

  • What is a Hefeweizen beer? 

Hefe means yeast in German and Weizen means wheat. This name defines a style of ale where these two ingredients are typically used. Hefeweizen beers are generally easy to drink and refreshing beers. 

  • What is a Triple beer? 

A triple beer is a Belgian style beer with a very high content of alcohol. The term defines a strong pale ale. 


  • How to serve Grosse Bertha beer?

Serve Grosse Bertha by slowly pouring it into a tilted glass. This will give you a nice foam of head. The best serving temperature is 6 degrees celsius. 

  • How much bitterness does Grosse Bertha beer have?

According to the International Bitterness Unit, Grosse Bertha has an IBU of 20. For reference, lambic beers are generally with the lowest bitterness with an IBU up to 10. Indian Pale Ales usually have the highest IBU figures which are between 40-120. 

  • Is Grosse Bertha beer gluten free?

No. If you are interested in gluten-free beers, head to our catalogue and select the gluten-free filter. 

  • What are other beers by Brussels Beer Project brewery?

Grosse Bertha is the third beer by Brussels Beer Project brewery. The brewery’s other well-known beers are Delta IPA, Jungle Joy, Wunderlager, Pico Bello and Juice Junky, among many others. 

Grosse Bertha
Photo: Brussels Beer Project

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Beer Jungle Joy 6.6% Brussels Beer Project | Fruitée
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Jungle Joy is the fusion of mango and passion fruit. A fruity but unsweetened beer that everyone enjoys. It is an exotic beer that is not only fresh but has a tangy touch. The best part is that the beer has no added sugar or artificial flavours. The beer is brewed with real pieces of fruit like mango and passion fruit!

When you pour it into your beer glass, you’ll notice a yellow-orange, slightly murky colour appearing. The beer has a large white head. 

On the nose, you will notice fruity aromas like mango, passion fruit, lemon, apricot, but also malt. 

On the palate, you can taste authentic fruit flavours. The passion fruit and mango flavours are dominant, but you’ll also taste malt and cookies. It has a slight bitterness, is medium-bodied and has mild to moderate carbonation. 

Jungle Joy is a Belgian Dubbel style of beer, but the fruitiness masks the style and pushes it under the fruit beer category. 

Jungle Joy is also one of the All-Star beers of Brussels Beer Project. This means the brewery presents prototypes and the community chooses the best beer. Jungle Joy won in 2016 against 4 other fruity beers. It is now one of the permanent and best beers of the brewery. 

The Jungle Joy beer stands out as it is unlike any other classic fruit beer. The beer has perfectly balanced acidity and just a hint of bitterness. Any beer lover will add it to their list of favourites. 

More about Jungle Joy beer:  

  • Where is Jungle Joy brewed?

The Brussels Beer Project brewery, as its name hints, is located in the capital city of Belgium. The home, where Jungle Joy is brewed, is situated on Dansaert street near the canal of Brussels. 

  • How to serve Jungle Joy beer? 

The best is to serve Jungle Joy in a Teku beer glass. The best pouring temperature is 7 degrees celsius. 

  • What are the ingredients of Jungle Joy beer?

The beer contains barley malt, hops, yeast, water, and extracts of mango and passionfruit.

  • Is Jungle Joy beer gluten-free?

No, it is not gluten-free.

  • What are other beers by Brussels Beer Project brewery? 

Some of the other beers by the brewery are Delta IPA, Wunderlager, Grosse Bertha, Pico Bello and Dark Sister

jungle joy
Photo: Brussels Beer Project

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Beer Juice Junkie 5.4% Brussels Beer Project | IPA
Belgique Bruxelles Canette En stock preorder

Very balanced bouquet of hops with very present tropical aromas but without falling into hopburn.

Easy to drink in all circumstances, but ideal on a sunny terrace.

The Juice Junkie is one of the best beers made at the rue Dansaert brewery in Brussels.

Product with expired "best before" date.

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Beer Pico Nova 0.3% Brussels Beer Project | IPA
Belgique Bruxelles Canette En stock preorder Sans Alcool

Less aromatic than Pico Bello, it is more based on malt which gives it a unique aroma in this style.

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Beer Pico Bello 0.3% Brussels Beer Project | Acide
Belgique Bruxelles Canette En stock preorder Sans Alcool

The intensive hopping gives it a fruity and spicy taste without being bitter. Pico Bello is a hazy zero IPA.

Perfect substitute for people who like aromatic IPAs but don't want to or can't drink alcohol.

Pico Bello beer comes in a pale yellow colour and has a thick white foam. On the nose, you have aromas of hops, citrus and tropical fruits. On the palate, you get fruity, bitter and acidic tastes. It is a fresh and thirst-quenching beer.

Pico Bello was made with 100% natural ingredients. It has gone through a process of dealcoholization, but a special yeast strain was used to keep the flavour profile. A perfectly balanced craft beer without alcohol!


What does pico bello mean?

Pico Bello is also used as an expression. In Belgium, it is commonly used to describe when something is perfect or impeccable. For example, you can say, I want everything to be pico bello! That would mean you want everything to be perfect. 


Is Pico Bello beer completely alcohol-free?

No. Any real non-alcoholic beer still has some percentage of alcohol. Pico Bello has 0.3% of alcohol. You can read more information from our non-alcoholic beer page


What are the ingredients of Pico Bello beer?

Pico Bello non-alcoholic beer is made with water, Pilsner malt, Amarillo hops and yeast. Pico Bello also contains gluten


How to serve Pico Bello? 

The best serving temperature for Pico Bello beer is around 6 degrees celsius. 


What dishes go well with Pico Bello beer?

Pico Bello beer is ideal during brunch, as it is a non-alcoholic beer. It is also good as an aperitif, a light drink to start with. Lastly, it always works at a barbecue for anyone who does not want to drink anything heavy. 


What are some other beers by the Brussels Beer Project?

If you like Pico Bello beer, try out Pico Nova, another beer low in alcohol. If you are ready for something stronger, we can recommend Delta IPA, Jungle Joy, Juice Junky, Grosse Bertha and Wunderlager

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Box of 8 BBP Beers Brussels Beer Project | Coffret
Belgique Bruxelles En stock Multiple preorder

A box of 8 beers from the Brussels Beer Project brewery.

If this box is no longer in stock, you can easily compose your own box via this link which will display all matching beers.

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Brewery Brussels Beer Project

Brussels Beer Project is a successful Brussels brewery that was born from the meeting of Olivier and Sébastien during their ERASMUS in Canada.

Wanting to boost the Brussels market, which at the time was limited to three or four breweries, they wanted a brewery where crowdfunders would have a say in beer production. Several tests and tastings are organized each year to give the floor to crowdfunders.

Innovation and co-creation are at the heart of Beer Project's DNA which took shape from the beginning with the "Beer for Life". More than 800 crowdfunders joined the adventure in the first year and agreed Olivier and Sébastien to give up their respective jobs after collecting 30,000 via crowdfunding.

Initially the beers were all brewed at Anders! To guarantee a large production capacity. This is still the case for a few beers, in particular their classic beers (Delta, Grosse Berta, etc.), but all the so-called ephemeral beers are produced on Avenue Dansaert, a stone's throw from the canal.

It is this philosophy that led them to open their brasserie in the heart of downtown Brussels. Located in a neighborhood that is gradually becoming more gentrified, they have been able to place themselves at the crossroads of the different populations that populate the capital.

The number of brews produced per year in this small production unit is phenomenal. They brew between three and four times a week compared to once or twice for other breweries of this type.

This also involves a lot of collaborative brews with other breweries but also with various and varied partners such as restaurants, artists and producers of all kinds.

In the near future, the brewery will expand to Anderlecht with a view to recovering the production of the classic beers made at Anders!

There is no doubt that this company promises surprises for the future.

Brussels Beer Project Jobs

Brussels Beer Project announces a record wave of recruitment for the second quarter of 2021 to strengthen its teams as part of the opening of its new "BBP Bailli" taproom and the launch of its new brewery "Brussels Beer Project Anderlecht". BBP's workforce will almost double, going from 35 to 55 people. It is therefore mainly profiles of brewers and bartenders who are sought for this wave of recruitment.

brussels beer project jobs

Brussels Beer Project Bailli

Brussels Beer Project will open its second bar in Brussels at the corner of Avenue Louise and Rue du Bailli. BBP thus takes possession of the former Irish pub "Michael Collins", an institution in the Bailli district.

The BPP team had wanted to open a second taproom in Brussels for several years after the 3 successful openings in Paris (2) and Tokyo. Indeed, many people do not go to the BBP taproom located in the city center at 188 rue Antoine Dansaert.

BBP Bailli customers will be welcomed by around thirty pumps offering BBP beers as well as a selection of craft beers produced by friendly breweries. The atmosphere of the place will not be totally distorted because the television transmission of sporting events will be maintained. To eat, the recruitment of two experienced pizza makers is on the program.

Olivier and Sébastien, the 2 co-founders have also opened up the capital of the BBP Bailli to 49 employees who can also benefit from the great financial success of the Brussels Beer Project.

bar bière bbp bailli

BBP soap from Savonneries Bruxelloises

It is an original Brussels collaboration that took place at the end of 2020 with the launch of a beer soap. The Savonneries Bruxelloise thus produced the BBP soap which contains spent grains from the Beer Project brews. Dregs have their usefulness as an exfoliant alongside hops which bring an aromatic dimension to the soap. At the same time, BBP released a beer called "Shower Power" which fortunately is not a soap beer. Produced at only 1000 units, BBP soaps are available via the brewery's e-shop.

biere bbp shower power

Brussels Beer Project Anderlecht

The launch of the new Brussels Beer Project brewery in Anderlecht is scheduled for the end of 2021. Located along the canal in the Biestbroeck basin, the new brewery will have a production capacity of 35,000 hectoliters per year, or 10 million bottles per year.

The collaboration with the Limburg brewery "Anders!" which produces the permanent BBP beers thus comes to an end. This was necessary because the 2000 hectoliter facilities at Dansaert were far too small to meet the growing demand for Beer Project beers. The temporary beers produced in Dansaert will also be produced in Anderlecht and will give way to more experimental brews such as those intended for aging in barrels.

The new BBP brewery in Anderlecht will also make room for a 900 square meter beer garden to welcome local residents and the many cyclists who ride along the canal every weekend.

bbp anderlecht nouvelle brasserie 2021

Electrical collaboration between BBP and Bolt

BBP and Bold are teaming up to bring you BBP beers to new Bolt customers. Brussels Beer Project is already a customer of Bolt, which offers to source electricity directly from a clearly identified producer. Once the new BBP brewery in Anderlecht is in operation, BBP will become a net producer of electricity with its 250 square meters of solar panels. You can then join Bolt and ask to become customers of the electricity produced on the roofs of the Brussels Beer Project. In the meantime BBP is offering a pack of beers to new Bolt customers.

brussels beer project bolt

BBP Smells like Brussels Spirit

Several Brussels breweries have joined together to produce Brussels Smells like spirit from unsold barrels due to the sanitary closure of bars following COVID. These are the Brussels Beer Project, En Stoemelings and La Source breweries.

Creating brandy from brews of undrinkable beer is common among craft breweries but the COVID crisis has extended the transformation opportunity to all expired beer kegs.

bbp smells likes brussels spirit

All Together

Brussels Beer Project participates in the All Together solidarity project in which more than 550 breweries from 40 different countries participate. The principle is that each brewery brews the same recipe and donates the profits to a charity as part of the fight against COVID. Beer Project has therefore chosen the non-profit association "Horeca Come-back" launched to support HORECA establishments hard hit by health restrictions linked to COVID.

bbp all together

GDP Shop Dansaert

Since the opening of BBP Dansert, it has been possible to come and buy BBP beers on site during the opening of the bar, but since 2021, a shop has been opened in the adjacent premises where "La Fabrica" was located. It is open Thursday to Saturday from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

shop magasin bière bbp dannsaert

BBP Canal Saint-Martin

Just one year after the opening of the first BBP bar in Paris in Pigalle, Brussels Beer Project is opening a second beer bar close to the Saint-Martin canal. The concept is the same with a maximum of beer available on tap and a catering offer that makes it an ideal place to have lunch on the weekend.

bar bbp canal saint martin

BBP Pigalle

Brussels Beer Project opened its first Parisian bar in March 2018 at 1 rue de Bruxelles (yes, you can't make it up) in the tourist district of Pigalle, a stone's throw from the famous Moulin Rouge. BBP craft beers are of course available on tap in pints or half pints. For the inauguration, a bus was even prepared from the Brussels capital to fill the Parisian bar with Brussels aficionados of the brewery.

bar bb pigalle

STEKAT’ Brussels Beer Project

Brussels Beer Project creates the surprise by launching in October 2017 the STEKAT in collaboration with Father Jérémie of the Sainte-Catherine church, located not far away.

Olivier and Sébastien, the two co-founders, hesitated at first when Father Jérémie approached them the first time. Especially since BBP's slogan is "Leave the abbey, join the playground".

Finally, STEKAT was an opportunity for BBP to offer a revisited abbey beer with a nice presence of aromatic hops. The launch of STEKAT, which took place during a sound and light event on the church square, was an opportunity to take legendary photos with Father Jérémie.

Finally, the STEKAT was brewed several years in a row in order to allocate the profits to the renovation of the church and the financing of a trip to Puy-du-Fou in France.

biere bbp stekat Père Jérémie


BBP Tokyo

Brussels Beer Project opened its first beer bar in May 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. The project is an initiative of the Japanese importer of BBP who also owns several bars. After Soleil Levant beer, created especially for Japan, BBP is strengthening its ties with Japan (the brewery's second export market) by opening its first beer bar there. It includes exclusive beers brewed at Dansaert as well as "Beer for Life" packs which can be picked up on site by crowdfunders.

bar bière bbp tokyo

GDP Wanderlust

BBP Wanderlust is the annual festival of the Beer Projet brewery during which friendly foreign breweries are invited to allow Brussels residents to discover European brewing diversity from Brussels. The location of the BBP Wanderlust changes frequently and this one has already taken place on the rooftop "Jardin" (2020), Quai 01 (2018) and Place Sainte-Catherine (2019).

brussels beer project wanderlust

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