Brewery Borinage

      8 products

      8 products

      Beer Urine 7% Borinage | IPA
      Belgique Blonde Bouteille Hainaut
      L'Urine is a Double IPA with a clear, dark blond color. The nose clashes with a hoppy explosion.
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      Beer Boriner Vice 5% Borinage | Berliner Weisse
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      Acide Belgique Bouteille en stock Hainaut

      Berliner Weisse with a slightly salty taste. It is produced in the tradition of this style, with raw wheat and by crazy but exceptional brewers.

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      Beer Sunlight Des Tropiques 5% Borinage | Session IPA
      Belgique Blonde Canette Hainaut IPA

      Session IPA which is strong on the aromatic side of hops.

      Indeed this session is really more English style than Belgian, the aromatic of the hops is sharper and the cereal does not sweeten the beer which guarantees a kick of bitterness at the end of the mouth.

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      Beer Ramborinage 7% Borinage | Blanche
      Belgique Bouteille Hainaut
      Double white. Real white beer, stronger than average, with spicy notes (coriander and orange peel), a smooth result.
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      Beer Mulet Pils 5.2% Borinage | Pils
      Belgique Blonde Canette Hainaut

      Brewed with wheat and oats which gives it a slight white taste and a little sweetness in the mouth. The hops, on the other hand, give it a fruity side.

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      Beer Masu Vice 5% Borinage | Berliner Weisse
      Acide Belgique Canette Hainaut

      Sour beer with passion fruit

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      Beer L'Empire 10% Borinage | Lager
      Belgique Blonde Bouteille Hainaut

      The Empire is a low fermentation lager whose alcohol content has been amplified.

      Indeed, the Empire title at 10% with an undeniable flavor of pilsner.

      Ideal for those who arrive late for the aperitif to catch up with others.

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      Beer Fat Grisou 11% Borinage | Stout
      Belgique Bouteille Hainaut Noire

      Coffee & Cocoa

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      Brewery Borinage

      The Borinage brewery was born from the passion that friends had around beer and jokes!

      Since 2019, the brewery has had two watchwords which are 'rigour' and 'déwanne' (local word which symbolizes celebration, drinking, etc.).

      The first of their values is in the recipes of their beers and for once, we are well served! All their beers are very, very well made and this 'rigor' is strongly respected.

      And for the 'déwanne', you just have to go and see the names of the brewery's beers, which range from 'Ramborinage' to 'Urine' and 'Mulet Pils'. In short, the Déwanne is just as present.

      The real purpose of the brewery is to please and indulge yourself at the same time and it works. This is why the brewery has formed a cooperative to create a space for meeting and mutual assistance and this, also, to help a region that has experienced violent economic crises in the past.

      Eventually, they plan to open a larger production unit to facilitate access to the brewing profession and also create a cultural space for concerts and shows.

      This small brewery is very young and has very big ambitions that they are likely to achieve in view of the quality of their products and their knowledge of the trade.

      They offer IPAs, Berliner Weisses of all kinds, pilsners, an imperial stout with a big character...everything a beer-geek asks for.

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