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      Brewery Bendorf

      Bendorf is an Alsatian brasserie founded in 2013 by Benjamin Patswa in Strasbourg and more precisely in the Neudorf district.

      The name of the brewery "Bendorf" comes from the union of the first name of the founder "Benjamin" and the name of the district "Neudorf".

      Bendorf beers are clearly oriented towards hops and aromatic recipes.

      And it meets its small success because today 6 people joined the project and accompanied Benjamin in big changes:

      • Certification of beers in organic farming
      • The implementation of a barrel beer project
      • The opening of a shop where you can come and fill your growler

      Benjamin was initially in the world of wine and a few years as a home brewer convinced him it was time to dust off the dusty image of Alsatian beer.

      It's mission accomplished with delicious beers and a more than licked design.

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